Ohio's MCTV offers Netflix access via its FUSION STB

Thursday, December 7th, 2017
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MCTV To Offer Easy, Instant Netflix Access on FUSION

  • MCTV enhances FUSION user experience with Netflix Integration to simplify customer viewing

MCTV, a leading Internet, TV and Phone provider in Stark and Wayne counties, announced the integration of Netflix on its FUSION Multi-Room HD-DVR platform.

The integration allows customers who subscribe to Netflix to enjoy watching their favorite shows and movies from Netflix directly from their FUSION box without the need to switch TV inputs. Additionally, customers have the ability to cast to their FUSION-connected TV from the Netflix app on their personal phone or tablet.

There is no charge for customers to access Netflix on FUSION but, in order to watch Netflix, they must have an active Netflix subscription and subscribe to MCTV’s Internet service.

“MCTV continuously offers more options for an enhanced experience to our customers,” says Robert Gessner, president of MCTV. “More now than ever, people want more and they want it at their fingertips. Simplifying access to Netflix content is just another example of MCTV’s ongoing commitment to adapt to the needs of our customers by going the extra smile.”

FUSION uses the Elevate user interface, developed by Espial, a worldwide developer for the video services industry. The addition of Netflix rounds out the array of video content available through FUSION.

FUSION brings together – or “fuses” – video content into one, centralized location on the TV set and in the home. FUSION is a whole-home service that provides up to six simultaneous streams for watching live TV, recorded shows via integrated HD-DVR, Video On Demand services and, now, Netflix streaming services. It is a whole-home service so customers can watch video on any TV connected to FUSION. There is even the ability to pause a show in one room and continue watching in a different room.