SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi powers Swisscom WLAN-Box

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
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Swisscom launches WLAN-Box, Powered by SoftAtHome’s Smart Wi-Fi solution

  • Swisscom’s WLAN-Box delivers faster, more robust and secure wireless home network with extended coverage, using SoftAtHome technology

COLOMBES, France — SoftAtHome, the software provider for operator CPE devices enabling convergent services for the digital home, announces today that its Smart Wi-Fi solution powers the Swiss incumbent’s new WLAN-Box.

The all-new WLAN-Box is a 3-in-1 Access Point device (Repeater, Extender, Video bridge) improving Wi-Fi reception throughout the home.

Swisscom WLAN-Box

Swisscom’s TV-Box is connected to the WLAN-Box without the need for dedicated video bridges, de-cluttering the home. SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi features make sure that all devices at home always have the best connectivity.

SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi delivers the best in-home Wi-Fi experience thanks to Intelligent Channel Selection and Instant Steering. A unique SSID is propagated on all Access Points creating a Smart Home network supporting any network topology. Best-in class steering algorithms adapt to user device behaviour to constantly optimize performances and user experience. SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi prioritizes time-critical traffic like multicast IPTV. Cloud-based tools with AI-based analytics feed marketing teams and help solve home network problems before they occur.

SoftAtHome’s Smart Wi-Fi solution runs on the home gateway for extending coverage and will often be enough to deliver a great wireless experience throughout the home. When multiple Access Points are nevertheless required, one less device is needed compared to off-the-shelf solutions, as the Home Gateway acts as the Smart Wi-Fi hub.

“With the SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi solution and the new WLAN-Box, we are happy that our customers can now experience the best WLAN throughout their homes.” said Marcel Burgherr, Head of Gateways, Phones and other Devices at Swisscom. “Running on both Internet-Box and WLAN-Box, SoftAtHome’s Smart Wi-Fi solution simplifies installation in the home requiring one less device. With this enhanced user experience, we satisfy important customer needs.”

“We are delighted that Swisscom has selected our new Smart Wi-Fi Solution for their WLAN-Box. Swisscom can now deliver best-in class wireless connectivity in every corner of the home,” said David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome. “I am proud that after five years of a fruitful partnership, Swisscom has again placed its trust in our latest technology.”