Comcast Technology and DLVR partner to deliver QoE across any screen

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
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Comcast Technology Solutions and DLVR Announce Partnership to Deliver Quality of Experience Across Any Screen

  • Comcast Technology Solutions’ partnership with DLVR adds routing flexibility to its CDN-agnostic Origin service and open source CDN to enable a turnkey solution for performance-based multi-CDN deployments

DENVER, CO — Comcast Technology Solutions, whose portfolio of services includes video workflow management, publication, distribution, and monetization, today announced a partnership with DLVR, a content delivery optimization service that enables an optimum viewing experience across every device. Comcast Technology Solutions provides the expansive Comcast CDN to its customers, while DLVR offers real-time, performance-driven, CDN switching capabilities and rich Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics.

Specifically designed to transport large media objects such as video, the Comcast CDN offers high quality delivery and performance coupled with a powerful suite of standards-based features for visibility and control. The addition of Comcast Technology Solutions’ CDN-agnostic Origin service also provides just-in-time packaging to simplify content processing workflows and optimize storage costs. Bringing DLVR’s multi-CDN switching and analytics capabilities together with the Comcast CDN and Origin service provides customers an out-of-the-box, turnkey multi-CDN solution that lowers delivery costs and provides an optimized viewing experience.

The combination of the Comcast CDN with DLVR’s individual stream optimization and proactive CDN switching capabilities allows partners to simplify the management of a multi-CDN approach. Content providers are now able to quickly add the Comcast CDN to their multi-CDN environment, get traffic going, and provide flexible support to manage peaks by load balancing.

For example, at Crunchyroll, one of the world’s largest subscription video services, DLVR’s cloud service measures the performance of its major CDNs – including the Comcast CDN – and routes video requests in real time to the optimal CDN for each user.

“With DLVR’s granular, real time request routing, each of our CDNs perform at a very high level, giving us the best possible user experience for every video request,” said Michael Dale, Vice President Engineering at Crunchyroll.

“Consumers today maintain incredibly high expectations when it comes to video content delivery —they want it at lightning fast speeds and the ability to access it whenever they want, on whatever device,” said Bart Spriester, General Manager at Comcast Technology Solutions. “The Comcast CDN provides our partners with the flexible and reliable delivery platform they need to satisfy their consumers’ expectations and support their business’ expanding needs. In partnership with DLVR, we are better able to ensure that these needs are consistently met.”

DLVR’s video delivery optimization service uses individual stream and CDN performance measurements to predict and mitigate hazards before they impact video performance, a step forward from the aggregated metrics most publishers rely on today. The cloud-based, zero footprint service requires no SDKs or client plugins, and can be configured based on customizable publisher business rules per geography.

“We are excited to partner with Comcast Technology Solutions to offer publishers the opportunity to provide the best possible viewing experience,” said Mike Gordon, DLVR co-founder and CEO. “We can now use video delivery optimization to help them manage multi-CDN traffic allocations, track user viewing times, and deliver higher average bit rates.”