DiBcom Has Shipped Ten Million Mobile TV Components

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
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Top technology provider confirms leading position with estimated 75% of overall market

PARIS — DiBcom, the leading provider of Mobile TV solutions has reached a decisive milestone in the emerging Digital Mobile TV market, having delivered over 10 million components to different segments of the market. The company has been instrumental in driving the integration and performance of key functions to Mobile TV front-end receivers. This achievement is due to DiBcom’s leading technology and feature set, as well as the company’s commitment to anticipating and delivering on the needs of the market.

“Providing reliable entertainment on every-pixelated display is the foundation of DiBcom’s vision for the Mobile TV market and the key to our success in reaching this important achievement,” said Yannick Lévy, CEO DiBcom. “We are proud to be supplying our technology to visionaries of the Mobile TV market and on the occasion of this milestone, we would like to thank our clients for their continued confidence and congratulate them on their successful product launches,” he added.

DiBcom components are shipped to an estimated average of 75% market-share of four major markets: automotive, notebook PCs, mobile phones and other handhelds (such as PMPs, PNDs and LCD TVs). They enable manufacturers to create a wide variety of products that feature exceptional Mobile TV reception. Manufacturers also have access to DiBcom’s reference designs and extensive software support to help them bring to market unique products with the best performance and reliability that exceed worldwide industry standard specifications.

“We first contacted DiBcom in 2002 because of the exceptional mobile reception of their DVB-T solution which I discovered when I was working for Delphi Automotive,” explained Dr. Alexander Roy, now Director of Hardware Engineering at AVID Development / Pinnacle Systems. “Beyond the high-end market of in-car TV reception, they have proved they can serve broader markets like PC-based TV-reception with sophisticated, highperformance solutions at reasonable component prices. Our latest USB stick products, the “Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick” and the “Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick” are our second generation built upon DiBcom’s technology and feature the highest DVB-T reception performance on the market, proven in multiple tests done by independent labs”, he said. The company’s leading technology is the most widely used and can be found in more than 13 mobile phone models, 10 PMP/PND devices, many car models of the 10 top-tier manufacturers, and in over 30 notebook and PC accessories.

“DiBcom’s products leverage a wealth of expertise ranging from RF-Tuners in CMOS to high-performance demodulation and efficient power management, to the development of leading edge fully integrated Mobile TV receivers,” explained Azzedine Boubguira, VP Marketing and Business Development. “To reach 10 million components shipped, we have successfully teamed technical innovation with field experience and operational efficiencies to support our customers in the integration of our products,” he concluded.