9.5 million watching online and catch-up TV daily in France

Thursday, April 12th, 2018
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Médiamétrie – Global TV: 9.5 million French people are watching online and catch-up TV daily*

The Global TV survey analyses the TV audience habits at any time and on anyscreen. Here we take a closer look at all of these increasingly popular practices.

TV online goes from strength to strength

Each day, 4.4 million French viewers aged 4 and above, i.e. 7.3% of the population, watch television online (computer, smartphone, or tablet) either live or catch-up – a 10% rise on last year.

To do so, French viewers for the most part visit TV channel websites and apps, which account for almost half (46%) of the time spent viewing TV content on internet screens. Next in line are the aggregators, free video platforms and social networks.

In terms of screens, the French are increasingly turning to their mobiles to watch TV programmes instead of their computers. Almost 5% of them use a mobile for this purpose every day.

VoD and SVoD: sustained growth in these practices

3.4 million viewers aged 4 and above watch VoD (Video On Demand) and SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) services each day across all screens. In total, these two practices have gained 1.2 million users in just six months.

Each viewer watches over two hours of content on VoD/SVoD daily, mostly watching on a TV screen. Overall, 12.3 million French viewers (1 in 5) watch programmes in catch-up mode on their TV, watch television on internet screens and/or use VoD/SVoD up 41% on last year.

Children champion new practices

1/3 of 4-14 year olds are eagerly adopting these new practices – catch-up on devices other than a TV set, online TV and VOD/SVOD – i.e. 2.9 million of this age group.

All of the new usages are being boosted by young viewers. And even though 4-14 year olds only make up 14% of the French population, they represent more than a third of television programme viewers on a device other than a TV set.

* Live and catch-up viewing on internet screens and catch-up viewing on a TV set