Médiamétrie expands scope of TV audience measurement in France

Monday, January 1st, 2024 
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The television audience measurement is transforming

  • Médiamat “all locations, all screens, nationwide”

For several years, television consumption habits have been digitizing. Internet screens have invaded households, and the television is no longer the only device used daily to watch TV programmes, whether live, in time shifted and in preview. To reflect these changes, starting from January 1, 2024, Médiamat, the reference measure for TV audience, takes a major step forward and enriches itself: it will take into account the TV consumption of all French people, on all screens, and in all places.

Currently, Médiamat is based on households equipped with at least one television and measures the audience on TV screens at home as well as on all screens (TV, computer, mobile, tablet) outside the home. TV programmes are also watched on internet screens at home. Households without a television will now be included in the scope of television audience measurement.

From January 1, 2024, the current measurement will be extended to internet screens at home, and the Médiamat scope will be expanded to households without a television.

“These two major and concurrent changes are the result of a significant transformation programm in television audience measurement. After integrating out-of-home audience measurement for all screens in March 2020, Médiamat will cover a measurement scope for the entire France, encompassing 62.4 million individuals aged 4 and above. With more households and screens measured, there will naturally be more TV viewers and contacts with the TV media. Médiamétrie thus guarantees the market and its clients – television channels, advertising agencies, advertisers- a measurement that is increasingly comprehensive to closely manage their editorial content and advertising strategies.” – Laurence Deléchapt, TV & Cross media Director

TV audience measurement is based on 2 panels :

  • The Médiamat Panel consists of about 5,000 historically TV-equipped households at home, each connected to a meter, plus about 500 new panelist households without a television, totaling around 12,000 individuals.
  • The personal portable audience measurement Panel consists of about 5,000 individuals, the source of out-of-home TV audience measurement (all screens included) and TV audiences on internet screens at home.

In Brief

Starting from January 1, 2024, Mediamat imcludes the entire audience for television programmes watched by the population aged 4 and above, including those not equipped with a television.

And the entire audience includes:

  • Audience for programmes watched at home, including on internet screens
  • Audience for programmes watched outside the home or on the go regardless of the screen (television, computer, smartphone, and tablet) and regardless of the consumption mode (live, delayed, and replay/preview)

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