Médiamétrie partners with Nielsen and Kantar for TV and video measurement

Monday, December 19th, 2022 
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Médiamétrie announces two technological partnerships to accelerate the trasformation of TV and video measurement

Multiplication of digital offers, connected equipment, rapid changes in audience behavior: the transformation of media and communication market players is accelerating. Médiamétrie, the standard in audience measurement, is supporting its customers in this transformation. Médiamétrie announces two major technological partnerships with Nielsen and Kantar.

Médiamétrie announces two major technological partnerships with Nielsen and Kantar. These two partnerships aim to mobilize the best technologies available in the world to offer the French market the means of an audience measurement increasingly in line with changes in video and audio consumption, and to meet the need for cross-media editorial and advertising measurements.

“We expect a strong acceleration of digitalization and delinearization of media offers: we must anticipate this movement and support it with measurements that will remain the standard for all players. The French consensus on high-performance, independent, transparent, fair and shared measurement is the envy of many foreign markets. Médiamétrie’s mission is to provide the French market with the best of what is being done around the world, and that is the whole point of these new partnerships.” – Yannick Carriou, Médiamétrie’s CEO

Nielsen will provide Médiamétrie with its technologies for measuring digital consumption in the home via Internet routers, of computerized management of digital television content, and of recognition of content from video-on-demand platforms. All these technologies are already implemented in the United States. Based on these technologies, Médiamétrie will respond to the development needs expected by the market players:

  • extend TV and video measurement to SVOD and AVOD platforms and Fast Channels
  • improve the way we take into account the consumption modes offered to the public by increasing role of platforms – live, replay, preview, exclusive content.

The partnership with Nielsen is a continuation of the two companies’ collaboration on digital audience measurement in France since 1999 and on measuring the performance of advertising campaigns through their joint company Médiamétrie//NetRatings.

For its part, Kantar will provide Médiamétrie with the new generation of its watermarking technology. This technology will enable Médiamétrie to improve the accuracy of its measurement of TV and video content – programs and advertisements – regardless of how they are consumed and the device used by the audience.

The partnership with Kantar is also in line with the close and long-lasting relationship between the two companies on watermarking and program monitoring for TV audience measurement since 2008. The two companies are also working together on the ongoing development of the new generation of Rate One Air personal people meterfor Médiamétrie’s measurement systems in France and those operated by Kantar internationally.

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