SVOD makes up 60% of the growth in Europe's pay audiovisual revenues

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
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SVOD accounts for 60% of the growth of pay audiovisual services revenues

  • The report finds:
    • Pay-television revenues increased by 2.8% in Europe in 2016, the lowest growth rate since 2012
    • SVOD still only accounted for 7% of pay-services revenues as its tariffs are much lower than legacy pay-TV
    • But SVOD generated 60% of the increase of the segment

The European Audiovisual Observatory’s Key Trends 2017/18 publication is now available free on line for the first time. This 72-page report gives a practical and handy overview of the film, VOD and television sectors in Europe, covering 41 countries. The Observatory is proud to make this publication free of charge just ahead of the Cannes Film Festival.

Pay Service Revenues In Europe - 2011-2016

The report’s coordinator, Gilles Fontaine (Head of the Observatory’s Department for Information on markets and financing) said that “film professionals preparing their Cannes strategy could get valuable background data on the European VOD industry from this new publication”.