Cifra chooses StarForce C++ Obfuscator to protect CAS and DRM libraries

Monday, May 14th, 2018
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StarForce C++ Obfuscator is Chosen to Protect Russian Digital TV

Cifra, a developer of solutions in digital TV and conditional access for content and multimedia services, has chosen StarForce C++ Obfuscator to protect code of CAS and DRM libraries. This StarForce product allows to prevent cracking the program to add unauthorized changes.

CAS and DRM systems are used to limit access to TV content. It helps to divide TV channels into packages and offer other services, e.g. Video on Demand. A carrier is obliged to have a conditional access system because of the proprietor demands: a channel or a studio provide a right to deliver their content over the carrier’s network. If CAS or DRM is compromised, it leads to revenue loosing because of pirate watches and even to business loosing because of the license revoke.

StarForce C ++ Obfuscator provides protection of critical sections of the program code from analysis and modification. Unlike standard obfuscators working at the level of lexemes, the StarForce product changes the algorithm of the application, which repeatedly increases its tamper resistance.

“StarForce С++ Obfuscator has clients all over the world: Japan, South Korea, France and we are glad to add Russia in the list. Moreover, Cifra is the leader in the field of Digital TV solutions in this country. Together we can create a real reliable CAS and DRM systems”, said Natalia Yashenkova, Head of Marketing and PR at StarForce Technology.