Telaria unifies analytics, decisioning and programmatic ad delivery

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
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Telaria Launches First Complete Video Management Platform

  • Integrates Comprehensive Live Data Visualization and First Video Ad Server Built For Advanced TV

NEW YORK — Telaria, Inc. (NYSE: TLRA), the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, today announced the launch of the first Video Management Platform (VMP), powered by the introduction of three new integrated application suites.

The Telaria VMP unifies analytics, decisioning controls, and both direct and programmatic delivery tools so premium publishers can have greater audience insight, make more informed, real-time optimization decisions, and maximize monetization of their inventory across any platform.

Launched as a premium video SSP in 2015, Telaria has now expanded into an enterprise Video Management Platform to help publishers better understand, decide, and act in ways that accelerate the value of their video content. Highlights of the Telaria VMP include:

  • Advanced TV Ad Serving: Premium video and Advanced TV publishers can now streamline their workflow and save money by leveraging one single, powerful system to monetize and manage both direct sold and programmatic video inventory. Engineered to solve the nuances of CTV, Telaria’s new ad server is an innovative complement to our core programmatic monetization platform. It’s an ad server built for the video of tomorrow, while tackling the workflow and ad delivery challenges faced by today’s publishers.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Suite: The industry’s only live-data visualization and diagnostics solution across direct and programmatic sales leverages deep first and third-party data integrations to give publishers full transparency and enable them to better segment and value their audience and inventory, enhancing their ability to drive real-time revenue gains. Only Telaria’s VMP gives publishers real-time performance and diagnostics data so that inventory decisions can be made on the fly and fraud is eliminated before it even hits the market.
  • Decisioning Engine: Telaria’s Decisioning Engine protects publisher brand value and enhances the CTV consumer experience while maximizing ad performance. Robust inventory pricing and presentation controls, and automated brand safety and optimization features give publishers complete command over the transaction process while providing the best possible viewer experience. Manual and AI-driven features provide overhead flexibility with the option of hands-on management.

“Since emerging as Telaria less than a year ago, we have been listening to our global partners and their feedback was loud and clear — they want a single platform to deliver a premium, seamless video and Advanced TV experience for their audiences. They feel trapped in their current, non-integrated systems and are frustrated with the lack of innovation in legacy SSPs and ad servers which haven’t kept up with the advances in CTV and consumer behavior,” Mark Zagorski, CEO of Telaria said. “The Telaria VMP’s innovations in analytics, decision management and monetization capabilities will help boost the inventory value and fill rates for our publisher partners and drive deeper client relationships. Additionally, as more of the world’s biggest content producers move into the Advanced TV space, and digital video becomes a larger contributor to their bottom line, Telaria’s independence remains central to building trust, eliminating conflict of interest, and protecting our clients’ competitive advantage.”

“Bonnier Corp has a strong, long-term partnership with Telaria,” said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier Corp. “We are in beta with their complete VMP due to their focus on building technology for an advanced TV world. It allows for direct and programmatic demand to seamlessly work across all content and all screens in order to deliver a premium advertising experience for our consumers.”

Telaria’s VMP is built on a foundation of platform-wide transparency and accountability embodied in the Fraud Fighter program, which guarantees buyers that video inventory transacted on Telaria’s platform will meet or exceed industry brand safety standards. As part of this rollout, now all supply that transacts through Telaria’s VMP will be pre-screened for fraud by White Ops via their MediaGuard product.