MRG's Global IPTV Market Leaders Report Reflects Market Resilience

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
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Resilience the New ‘R’ Word in MRG’s Bi-Annual Global IPTV Forecast

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The new worldwide IPTV Forecast from MRG, Inc, the only bi-annual IPTV report based on over 600 IPTV Operators worldwide in over 70 countries, confirms that the increased revenues of Telcos and IPTV Operators remain in positive financial territory, and are not negatively impacted by the global turmoil in the credit, oil and housing sectors. The new forecast, based on most recently verified subscriber and revenue growth data, shows IPTV subscribers growing from 24.4 million to 92.8 million 2008-2012; and service revenue totaling $37.1 billion by 2012, with CapEx growing to $5.5 billion. While Europe’s subscriber size in 2012 will remain dominant, Asia’s subscriber base will nearly equal Europe’s in 2012, followed by North America.

By breaking down CapEx revenues into 7 sub-sectors (Access, Video-Headends, VOD, Set-top-Boxes, Middleware, CP/DRM, and System Integration) and into 4 regions, the forecast makes it easy for hardware/software suppliers to develop strategies, and refine marketing plans and partnerships around the best growth opportunities for their companies. By also breaking out expenditures of the top 75-80% of the IPTV Operators in each region, based on prevailing prices for each region, the report makes it easier to anticipate revenues and strategies for each of the top Operators in all 28 sub-sectors.

The report also reviews Mergers and Acquisition activity. “While the IPTV industry will continue on its M&A path toward consolidation in certain sub-sectors, such as DRM and Middleware,” states MRG President, Gary Schultz, “there is no question that the IPTV industry will see unique new mergers and partnerships in the next 3 years.”

“We believe strongly that IPTV as a technology and as a business is already having major impact on the entire Telecoms world, and will continue beyond 2012,” states Steve Hawley, Sr. IPTV Analyst of MRG, Inc. “The Telecoms sector is thriving partially because of distressed sectors like transportation, housing and fuel, while investment continues in advanced communications technologies.”

IPTV Global Forecast – 2008 to 2012 – April 2008 is 77 pages and is available in a printed English language edition for $3,995.00 USD, a PDF single-departmental license for $5,200.00 USD, and is available free as part of MRG’s IPTV Tracking Service. For more information or to order the report, contact Rob Smith at 408-453-5553 or