UPC Switzerland launches new TV experience

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
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TV to fall in love with – UPC launches new TV experience

WALLISELLEN — As of tomorrow, UPC is adding the new and unique UPC TV to its HAPPY HOME portfolio. This offers customers an intelligent, simple and user-friendly TV experience with first-class and exclusive content – all for the same price as before.

“We want to delight our customers. And so we took a step back from static television. UPC TV is not just television, it is an experience, because every customer can watch television how they want. Whether that is on the sofa in the living room, on the balcony or in the train,” says Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC Switzerland. And then there is the widest selection of channels and Videos on Demand that UPC has ever been able to offer its customers.

Features at a glance

UPC TV Feature Summary

TV that gets you – intelligent technology and unique content

The user interface is clearly laid out and intuitive and is supported by voice control unrivalled on the Swiss market. Customers can control the UPC TV Box conveniently and reliably with their voice, while it remembers which commands its owners use and learns new commands all the time. In addition, it shows customers personal recommendations based on their television viewing behaviour.

Customers of the new UPC TV also have over 240 channels to choose from, including the MySports One channel, which offers exclusive live sport. Netflix, YouTube and Sky are also integrated. Anyone who wants even more choice can receive almost 500 channels with various add-on options and will then also have access to series that are only available from UPC.

TV that follows you – a 360° TV experience

In combination with the UPC TV App, the experience offers customers unprecedented freedom. The new UPC TV follows customers seamlessly from their television set to their smartphone or tablet and back – all with just a swipe. They can download virtually unlimited films and programmes (2,000 hours) and watch them from anywhere thanks to cloud storage. The streaming of content in UHD/4K is also possible with the new UPC TV.

UPC TV also offers an attractive solution for households with several people, because now an unlimited TV experience on up to five UPC TV Boxes at the same time is possible. These are available for an unbeatable price of just CHF 5 per month per additional box – for maximum entertainment in every room.

TV that wows you – fantastic TV experience for the same price

The new TV experience with the UPC TV Box costs exactly the same as previously with the Horizon box. This means that customers get a raft of innovative new features and considerably more content for the same price.