Bedrock to power M6+ streaming platform

Thursday, March 7th, 2024 
Bedrock logo

Bedrock to launch brand new M6+ platform in France with universal AVOD distribution

PARIS, France — Bedrock, the leading European streaming tech company, announces the upcoming release of M6+, a groundbreaking new AVOD platform launched by Groupe M6.

Powered by Bedrock’s state-of-the-art technology, M6+ aims to reshape the French entertainment landscape by transforming the way audiences engage with M6 content through more immersive features, more engaging TV experiences, and new devices for free. Bedrock will deliver outstanding new features and innovations enabling end-users to enjoy video and audio content in a free AVOD model on all platforms:

  • New interactive live experience: Data-rich video player enabling real-time engagement during upcoming sports events and reality TV, creating an unprecedented level of viewer interaction
  • Vertical video player for stories: specifically designed for stories, boasting the most playful and interactive social features
  • Brand-new audio experience with podcasts specifically designed for listening on-the-go
  • Generative AI-powered search: generating better content discovery targeted to personal viewer requests
  • Universal distribution including 20+ ecosystems and deployment into in-car entertainment systems, and Connected TVs. As a decade-long pioneer in the AVOD landscape, Groupe M6 has been at the forefront of streaming with the first “replay” platform launched in 2008 in France.

“Our ambition with M6+ is to offer a streaming platform made for the modern television viewer. We wanted a more immersive platform, more engaging and obviously very accessible. Thanks to Bedrock’s scale and know-how across Europe, we will deploy our brand-new streaming service in just a few months, ready for EURO 2024.” said Henri de Fontaines, M6 Member of the Executive Board in charge of Strategy, Streaming and Distribution

M6’s announcement marks a pivotal moment in the history of streaming in France, and Bedrock is proud to support it with its world-class technology.

“France is joining the rest of Europe with an AVOD streaming model available for free across all devices. Bedrock has strong experience with hyper-distribution supporting 60+ devices, turbocharged advertising monetization, and massive scale welcoming millions of users every day on our platform. We are super proud to support M6’s digital transformative strategy. ” said Jonas Engwall, CEO of Bedrock.

Links: Bedrock; Groupe M6