NENT Group implements EIDR Universal Identifiers

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018
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EIDR’S Universal Identifiers Implemented by NENT Group

  • Application of EIDR’s unique content identifiers will aide in automatic scheduling and program guide cross-referencing across all platforms

NEW YORK — The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) today announced that Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region’s leading entertainment provider and a contributing member in the EIDR community, has made a major overhaul of its publishing workflow, utilizing EIDR’s universal content identifiers across all linear and non-linear TV programming.

NENT Group has successfully implemented EIDR IDs for multi-platform distribution of all TV programming, with the exception of live sporting events, to drive their electronic program guide as well as program scheduling across all platforms. By doing so all of NENT Groups products, such as Viaplay, Viafree and Viasat, along with TV-operators in the Nordics that NENT Group supplies with non-linear and linear content, can benefit from the structure and “one source of truth” that EIDR provides.

NENT Group’s adoption of EIDR’s content identifiers has enabled their teams to remove numerous inefficiencies within their cross-platform video distribution supply chain – including time-consuming legacy processes for program title matching – allowing them to greatly improve workflows by sharing the same metadata for titles, and the ability to cross-reference linear and non-linear content for reporting.

Passing along the EIDR ID in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for NENT Group channels ensures that all content scheduled on linear channels (except for live sports events) is properly identified and matched. NENT Group has also been able to implement automated catch-up schedules and will now start to cross reference non-linear and linear content across platforms. The automation will increase the accuracy and delivery of the catch-up information and the possibility to cross reference content across platforms can greatly improve content discovery.

“Being an active member in the EIDR community brings great benefits to us, said Kaj af Kleen, SVP, Group Chief Technology and Product Officer, NENT Group, “To date, we have registered a large percentage of our titles in EIDR’s registry, and standardizing all of our content has enabled us to greatly streamline our workflow process”.

With nearly 2 million registered IDs currently registered within its global database, EIDR’s unique identifiers live across a wide variety of global content, including film, SVOD and OTT, digital content and television (shows, seasons and episodes). The accompanying metadata includes title, credits, alternate IDs, edit details and technical aspects, enabling the program guide to auto-populate quickly and efficiently.

“NENT Group’s ability to match their available content to drive their program guide much more efficiently further showcases the value unique identifiers bring to the media and entertainment ecosystem,” says Will Kreth, CEO of EIDR. “We’ve seen success in linear TV at the episode and series level, and by having NENT Group integrate EIDR’s universal identifiers across all of their programming is a significant step forward in modeling this for other systems.”