7Park Data tracks path from SVOD viewing to buying on Amazon.com

Thursday, December 6th, 2018
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7Park Data Now Tracks Path From Watching Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video To Making Purchases On Amazon.com

  • OTT Stream to Shop Designed To Inform Sponsorship, Advertising, Product Placement, and Licensing Strategies

NEW YORK — 7Park Data, a leading provider of data products and software services, today announced the availability of OTT Stream to Shop, a new data intelligence product that tracks and analyzes the Amazon.com purchase behaviors of US consumers after viewing TV and movie titles on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. OTT Stream to Shop, available today, joins industry-leading OTT viewership data available on the 7Park Data Media & Entertainment Dashboard.

Stream to Shop illuminates the pathways between OTT viewership and purchases on Amazon.com

With OTT Stream to Shop, 7Park Data customers will be able to analyze the product categories and specific brands purchased by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video viewers on Amazon.com up to 60 days after watching TV and movie titles on those services — and then compare that data with the average viewer to understand relative preference for brands and types of products. By connecting the dots between title viewership and Amazon.com purchases, OTT Stream to Shop illuminates critical marketing and advertising opportunities for content creators, producers, distributors, consumer brands, and more.

“Even as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have become wildly popular, understanding viewers and especially their purchasing behavior has remained painfully elusive for studios and content creators,” said John Sollecito, Head of Client Solutions at 7Park Data. “OTT Stream to Shop represents an entirely new kind of data intelligence that shines a light on one of the most valuable consumer buying pathways: from watching a show or movie on a streaming service to making a purchase on Amazon.com. With this new product, we’ve expanded far beyond our current ability to arm studios with granular insights about viewing behavior — popularity of specific titles, launch success, cross-viewing behavior, demographic breakouts, and more — to provide the most complete platform for OTT viewership analysis available today.”

OTT Stream to Shop — arming the media and entertainment industry with critical title-specific, cohort-based insights:

  • Identify product-placement opportunities: Discover the brands and product categories that are popular with viewers of specific titles based on actual Amazon.com purchases and offer those brands a unique opportunity to get in front of their own — or their competitors’ — audience.
  • Develop cross-promotional campaigns: Bridge the gap between online behavior and offline preferences by developing real world experiences (sponsorships, products, etc.) based on brand affinity of their audience. For example, use brand affinity data to secure sponsors for a comedy tour based on purchase behavior from viewers of the same comedian’s TV and movie titles.
  • Improve content development and research processes: Build nuanced audience profiles based on purchase and cross-viewership data to determine the best way to reach target audiences — and customers of a brand or competitor — with the most relevant content. Audience affinity can also help content producers identify brands that could be developed into a TV franchise or theatrical release.