Malata Selects Xceive Smart Silicon Tuner for Latest Digital Television Line

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

XC5000 Tuner IC Supports Quality TV Reception for European and Australian Markets

TAIPEI, Taiwan — COMPUTEX — Xceive Corporation, the market leader in hybrid analog/digital silicon tuners for television, PCs and the digital home, today announced that Malata, a top Chinese electronics manufacturer and a division of Wanlida Group Co, Ltd., has integrated the Xceive’s XC5000 tuner IC within 19-inch and 22-inch integrated digital/analog television sets aimed for the European and Australian markets.

Xceive’s XC5000 silicon tuner drives Wanlida’s entrance into the European DVB-T market where each country uses a different variant of major TV standards. With unmatched performance, unsurpassed reliability and innovative features, the XC5000 supports not only worldwide digital and analog terrestrial broadcasting standards but also analog and clear QAM digital reception for cable TV broadcasts. By enabling unique worldwide compatibility with all analog and digital modes the XC5000 provides a simple solution to managing the wide variety of television broadcast formats used in Europe and Australia. These include PAL I in the UK, PAL B/G in Germany, Secam L in France, PAL B in Australia and DVB-T for digital.

The XC5000 provides superior reception and video quality critical to TV manufacturers. As the only global hybrid TV tuner with an on-board DSP controller, the XC5000 ensures reliability in addition to performance so TV manufacturers no longer need to worry about fine-tuning the tuner to meet performance requirements. Featuring tight tolerances across many units, the XC5000 enables TV manufactures to provide the ultimate TV experience for audiences worldwide.

“Xceive’s XC5000 is a multi-standard solution that provides performance and reliability within a single integrated tuner IC. Unlike other competing TV tuners, Xceive’s fast-to-market solution minimizes development concerns like debugging and troubleshooting all of the various analog and digital modes required for European DTV products,” said Shang Yong-Jin, general manager of Malata’s TV department.

“The performance and flexibility of the XC5000 makes it easier for consumer electronics leaders, such as Malata, to reach worldwide audiences using a single chip design,” said Neil Mitchell, vice president of marketing at Xceive. “The inclusion of the XC5000 in Malata’s new line of TVs for the European and Australian markets is confirmation of our ability to deliver super-sharp video reception of analog and digital broadcasts in a cost-effective, two-layer single system board, providing the ultimate TV experience for viewers.”

The integration and architecture of the XC5000 enables Malata to offer differentiated features. Thanks to the high level of integration of the XC5000, the PCB area occupied by the tuner is reduced to approximately nine cm2 (about the size of half a stick of chewing gum). Another enhancement is Xceive’s QuickTune technology, which provides ultra-fast per-channel signal detection enabling a complete channel scan of more than 100 channels in less than eight seconds.

The XC5000 meets and exceeds industry standards such as A/74, Nordig, CENELEC and OpenCable. Its highly-integrated architecture includes analog demodulation, needs no external SAW filters, and will benefit customers with lower BOM cost and simplified system design.