TerraTec Electronic Selects XC5000 Smart Silicon Tuner to Power New TV Sticks

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Small yet powerful tuner features industry leading signal reception capability and advanced PVR & FM radio reception functions

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Computex — Xceive Corporation®, the market leader in hybrid silicon tuners for television, PCs and the digital home, announced today that TerraTec Electronic has selected Xceive’s XC5000 silicon tuner for its newest line of Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM tuners for the European markets.

TheXC5000 enables TerraTec Electronic to offer its customers the ultra compact Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS TV tuner with robust analog and digital TV reception across all European regions. Beyond enabling broadcast TV reception, the new Cinergy Hybrid T USB features innovative add-ons such as video recorder capability and stereo FM radio reception. Measuring only 8 centimeters by 3 centimeters, the TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB stick connects easily and conveniently to notebooks, PCs and Mac computers via USB 2.0 to allow users to experience HD quality reception at home or on the go anytime and anywhere.

“The XC5000 brings excellent sensitivity, selectivity, lower power and small footprint to the next generation of the Cinergy Hybrid T USB family,” said Martin Hopp, head of product management at TerraTec. “With the added functionality and superior performance of the XC5000, we are positioned to provide a new level of multimedia experience for our PCTV customers.”

“Consumers will enjoy a significant improvement in their entertainment experience due to the XC5000’s high performance A/V reception and FM radio capability embedded into TerraTec’s new line of PCTV receivers,” said Neil Mitchell, vice president of marketing for Xceive. “Where competing solutions fail, Xceive’s performance ensures the utmost reliability in portable applications, even in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. This is absolutely critical to notebook TV applications.”

The XC5000 is the world’s quickest, smallest and the most highly integrated silicon TV tuner IC. This next-generation tuner offers state-of-the-art performance where both analog and digital reception is required. The XC5000 provides ultra-fast per channel detection through Quick-Tune technology, allowing user to scan more than 100 channels in less than five seconds.

The product is widely available through retail channels today.