MediaMelon selected by Eros Now for OTT streaming analytics

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
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Leading digital streaming service implements MediaMelon’s SmartSight for real-time and trend analysis company-wide to increase subscriber satisfaction and reduce churn

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — MediaMelon, a pioneer in content-aware streaming, announced today that Eros Now, the digital over-the-top (OTT) distribution service owned by Eros International Plc (NYSE: EROS) (“Eros”), a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, has deployed its SmartSight analytics platform to deliver business-actionable insights company-wide. MediaMelon’s SmartSight is a dynamic real-time streaming video analytics solution that provides monitoring and deep analysis of streaming performance and content consumption.

Eros Now is using SmartSight to convert registered users into paying subscribers, minimize churn, and increase overall viewer satisfaction.

Eros Now provides a vast library of over 12,000+ films, music videos, TV shows, original web-series and short-format content to 15.9 million paying subscribers and more than 142 million registered users. The platform supports playback on mobile phones, PCs, and a variety of connected TV devices, and delivers content to Indian communities all over the world.

Kumar Subramanian, CEO of MediaMelon said, “Eros Now is one of the world’s largest OTT SVOD services, both in terms of the number of customers and the amount of content they support, and we are honored to have been selected for this important part of their operation. SmartSight’s actionable data insights were designed specifically to help companies like Eros Now understand, manage and improve the quality of experience delivered to OTT subscribers. We believe that the future of television is OTT streaming, and we are dedicated to helping operators like Eros Now deliver the highest quality service possible.”

Data Mining for Trends and Subscriber Behavior

MediaMelon’s SmartSight video analytics dashboard offers a real-time, in-depth understanding of every individual session. It enables the comparison of data across a wide variety of dimensions, including device-type, platform, location and subscriber-type, to facilitate the trouble-shooting process so that the playback experience can be optimized for every user. Features include the ability to:

  • Zoom down to specific playback sessions of specific subscribers to understand playback experience data
  • Identify an individual subscriber’s visual quality of experience
  • Understand each subscriber’s playback experience and how that is affected by various factors
  • Track how new and long tail content offerings are adopted throughout the subscriber base

By using the analytics dashboard with its wide variety of filters, MediaMelon SmartSight users, like Eros Now, can easily get the exact data they are seeking in either real-time or for a trend analysis. In this way, the platform provides critical business information that its users can immediately use to spot problematic stream issues and to understand and implement methods to understand viewer experiences and improve subscriber retention.

MediaMelon SmartSight is a dynamic real-time streaming video analytics solution that provides actionable monitoring and deep analysis of streaming performance and video usage for the marketing, operations, and engineering teams.

Integrated with SmartPlay Streaming and SmartRoute Multi-CDN optimization from MediaMelon or as a stand-alone streaming video analytics service, SmartSight offers both immediate operational monitoring and deep business intelligence. SmartSight provides a dashboard view of customer engagement, quality of experience, ad analytics, per-subscriber and per-session real-time analytics, and alerts for streaming.