Philo unveils connected TV ad platform

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019
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Philo Reveals Connected TV Ad Platform to Reach Latest Generation of TV Lovers

  • Entertainment-Focused vMVPD Service Brings Best-in-Class Ad Platform to Market With Industry-Leading Partners

SAN FRANCISCO — Streaming television service Philo today revealed a roster of top advertising technology and sales partners as part of the company’s drive to reach advertisers looking for a brand-safe programming solution in the booming vMVPD marketplace.

Philo will work closely with partners such as FreeWheel for ad management, serving and decisioning, as well as an array of partners to monetize its live and video-on-demand vMVPD inventory, such as Premion, Roku, SpotX, Telaria, FreeWheel, Xandr, and Verizon Media, with more coming soon. As a technology-driven company, Philo is focused on pushing innovation not just in streaming TV, but in its advertising platform as well — from audience targeting to server- side dynamic ad insertion technology.

Philo has built a growing vMVPD brand focused on entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge programming from content partners such as A+E, AMC, Discovery, Hallmark, Viacom, and others. Philo audience engagement is high, with an average of four viewing hours per day with 90 percent of viewing on connected TV devices.

With nearly 8 million vMVPD subscribers at the end of 2018 and more signing up every day*, the vMVPD market represents a tremendous growth opportunity for advertisers. With Philo, advertisers can easily tap into that growing market, air within top content from top providers, and be aided by the ability to target their specific audience.

“At Philo, we built our TV streaming platform from the ground up to appeal to a new generation of TV lovers, and we have kept that same philosophy as we’ve built our ad platform: to appeal to brands looking for a frictionless advertising experience in a vMVPD world,” explained Reed Barker, Head of Advertising at Philo. “We’re partnering with best-in-class SSPs and DSPs, and we’ve aligned with content partners to provide a consistent, brand-safe programming environment. As a result, we’re able to offer an elegant, sophisticated advertising solution to agencies and brands to accompany a TV experience consumers love.”

Working closely with their partners and internal engineering team, Philo advertising platform will:

  • Remove friction and add automation to the ad-buying process, and by partnering with leading SSPs, ensure seamless integration with any Connected TV plans
  • Simplify the process to plan, execute and report on delivery
  • Execute effective audience and behavioral targeting