MPay, MYTV and Coship to develop HbbTV services on DTT in Malaysia

Friday, April 26th, 2019
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ManagePay Systems Berhad (“MPay” or the “Company”) – Joint Venture and Licensing Agreement with MYTV Broadcasting Sdn. Bhd. to collaborate in creating a sustainable future for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (“DTTB”) platform and Engagement with Coship Technology (HK) Co. Limited (“CoShip Technology”) for the design, supply, assembly, testing and acceptance of Set Top Boxes (“STB”) for the DTTB system (“MYTV System”)

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Company wishes to announce that the Company had on 25 April 2019 entered into a Joint Venture and Licensing Agreement (“MYTV Agreement”) with MYTV Broadcasting Sdn. Bhd. (“MYTV”) to collaborate in creating a sustainable future for the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (“DTTB”) platform in Malaysia where both parties are desirous to leverage on MPay’s skills and experience in the areas of Information, Communication and Finance technology and MYTV’s know-how in DTTB, Hybrid Broadband Broadcasting Television (“HbbTV”) and other network facilities and technology platforms (“Project”).

MYTV has been awarded the right by the Malaysian Government to build and operate the infrastructure and network facilities for DTTB Services in Malaysia and MPay shall act as MYTV’s strategic innovation partner for the provision of Marketing and Supply of HbbTV Set Top Boxes (“STB”), Managing B2B2C E-Commerce On HbbTV Platform and ePayment Solution Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Agreement.

Leveraging on the access license obtained from MYTV Agreement, MPay has entered into a second agreement (“CoShip Agreement”) with CoShip Technology on 25 April 2019 to undertake and perform the design, assembly, integration, commissioning, testing, acceptance, completion, supply and delivery of the STB, the provision and performance of the Warranty Services, Support and Maintenance Services and all necessary and incidental works and services so that the STB is able to connect, interoperate, integrate or interface with MYTV System.

MPay’s obligations consist of amongst others:-
(i) to develop a Buy Malaysian Shopping Channel and manage a HbbTV powered shopping portal under MPay’s B2B2C e-commerce brand BuyMalaysia on MYTV’s DTT platform; and
(ii) to develop Fintech applications and manage a Fintech focused free-to-view channel on MYTV’s DTT platform for the future Pay TV contents on the platform and IOT enabled (Internet of Things) Smart Home or Smart City solutions.