Malaysia's MYTV distributes 2 million decoders

Friday, May 24th, 2019
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Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC): Rakyat Can Now Enjoy MyFreeview Digital TV Broadcast

  • Malaysia now joins 60 other countries in the world who have switched over to digital TV transmission through the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service, branded as myFreeview
  • Digital broadcast promises better and clearer audio and picture quality, Electronic Programme Guide, subtitles in multiple languages, and many other interesting features
  • Rakyat can now enjoy 15 TV channels and 6 radio channels through myFreeview

CYBERJAYA — Malaysia now joins 60 other countries in the world who have switched over to digital TV transmission with the successful implementation from analogue terrestrial TV service to fully digital TV broadcast under the myFreeview brand.

The myFreeview digital TV broadcast promises better and clearer audio and picture quality in standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Viewers can also enjoy the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), subtitles in multiple languages, and coming soon, interactive TV feature. 15 TV channels and six radio channels are already available on the myFreeview platform and more new broadcasters are expected to join the myFreeview service in the near future.

myFreeview’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) technology uses lesser frequency compared to analogue TV transmission. For example, one frequency band can only transmit one analogue TV channel while the same frequency band can transmit up to 13 Standard Definition (SD) channels using digital TV technology. The optimisation of the frequency usage allows for digital dividends, which can be used for high speed broadband services including 5G.

Viewers can receive the myFreeview digital TV broadcast by connecting the DVB-T2 decoder and UHF aerial to their existing TV set or via an Integrated Digital TV (IDTV) that comes with a built-in decoder, and installing a UHF aerial. Currently, there are 13 IDTV brands in the market, which have been approved by SIRIM. These TVs are on sale online, in hypermarkets, or at selected electrical stores nationwide.

Gerard Lim, Chief Digital Officer MCMC said, “The myFreeview digital broadcast can now be enjoyed for free, without any hidden costs. Viewers only need to pay once to buy a new IDTV, a DVB-T2 decoder, or the UHF aerial; and pay for installation fees should you need assistance in installing outdoor UHF aerial or maintenance services.”

“At the same time, digital TV transmission is expected to assist in narrowing the country’s digital divide amongst urbanised and remote areas, allowing equal access of information. This development would also benefit and give opportunities for content providers to widen their reach all over the country”, he added.

myFreeview coverage currently covers 98% of populated areas through infrastructure building, DTT transmission, and Direct-to-Home (DTH) through satellite service support. DTH service is provided to ensure digital TV coverage would be available at remote areas.

As of 15 May 2019, MYTV Broadcasting (MYTV) have distributed 2 million decoders. From that amount, 1.65 million DTT decoders and 348,667 DTH decoders have been given out to eligible Bantuan Sara Hidup Rakyat (BSHR) recipients who are low income earners.