Skyline expands operational support for MYTV in Malaysia

Monday, April 20th, 2020
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MYTV expands its operational management with DataMiner

Skyline Communications, the global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions for the media and broadband industry, announces a large-scale expansion project at MYTV.

MYTV Broadcasting is a company that owns and solely operates the Malaysian Digital Terrestrial Television network that provides free-to-air transmission to the country’s population, as an initiative from the government. At the end of October last year, the company successfully completed a full nationwide switchover from analog to digital TV.

MyTV - Skyline DataMiner

MYTV effectively began the utilization of DataMiner at the start of the Malaysian DVB-T2 network deployment. At the time, it was set forth to manage a small subset of its infrastructure. Now, with this expansion, DataMiner will be given more responsibilities in terms of the management of their Digital Media Broadcast Hub (DMBH), the backup Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) and their entire nationwide T2 transmitter stations. The end goal: efficiency across MYTV’s entire operation, maintenance processes and procedures through just a single pane of glass.

“The transition from analog to digital television transmission and the completion of the migration was the start of a new chapter in Malaysia,” commented Mazlan Mahdi, CEO at MYTV. “And as such, it was the perfect timing to rethink MYTV’s infrastructure, its technical roadmap and the way we run our operations. MYTV is always keen to work together with manufacturers or partners who are experts in their respective areas, and who provide effective solutions to handle MYTV’s rigorous day-to-day operations. Of course, a constant agile adaptation is essential to stay relevant and thus successful in this business. MYTV has the huge responsibility to carry out the national agenda, which is to provide uninterrupted free-to-air digital TV services to the Malaysian viewers, free of charge. But to do so in an effective and future-proof manner, we needed a reliable and advanced remote management & control system that connects to all our sites and other network elements. And that’s exactly why we turned to Skyline and their DataMiner platform again.”

“We’re very happy with the fact that MYTV chose to expand DataMiner, enabling us to be more involved in this historical milestone of Malaysian broadcasting,” said Naveendran Murthy, Sales Manager for the APAC region at Skyline. “The high degree of geographical distribution of network assets makes a solid and end-to-end network management system indispensable for operators of a terrestrial network. Even more so in the case of MYTV, considering their recent digital transformation. With the right platform, an operator not only reduces risks but also operational expenses. And we have a proven track record that shows DataMiner really is the platform to go for. It bundles all the features that are needed to effortlessly manage even the largest terrestrial transmission infrastructures. Furthermore, DataMiner combines scalability with maximum availability thanks to its unique distributed architecture and allows for each of MYTV’s sites to be operated completely autonomously through capabilities such as far-reaching workflow orchestration, automation, correlation and AI-based proactive management.