Vodafone Portugal enhances the TV user experience

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
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Vodafone launches television of the future

LISBON — Vodafone Portugal today launches the television of the future, a full and innovative user experience, totally oriented to the customer and customized to each one. With this launch, Vodafone reinforces its position as the leading provider of the best television experience in Portugal, responding to the new television content consumption habits of the Portuguese.

The pioneering and differentiating features of the new television service from Vodafone include:

  • Intelligent Voice Search: the only television service in Portugal with an intelligent search engine that uses the most advanced technology with natural language recognition. This feature combines several search criteria, such as name of the movie, name of the actors, date, genre, among others;
  • Espaço Kids: a content area only for the youngest, organized by channel and characters, where it is possible to create avatars that identify each child in the family. With a sophisticated parental control system it is possible to define a ‘sleep’ time, from which access to the television is automatically blocked;
  • Simpler, intuitive and intelligent interface: through artificial intelligence algorithms, it allows immediate presentation of personalized recommendations according to the tastes of each user. At the same time, it provides a more content-oriented experience, allowing you to resume viewing any program exactly where it was interrupted.

Portugal Vodafone TV UX Screen

Via faster access, Vodafone’s new television also offers a better experience of using the existing apps – HBO Portugal and YouTube – and introduces new apps, such as YouTube Kids or Serviços Públicos, an application available only on Vodafone TV, which allows the issuance of passwords and the renewal of a Citizen’s Card, among others.

The new Vodafone TV is supported on the new VBox 4K. More compact and stylishly designed, the VBox 4K features an energy-saving, power-saving auto-power mode and can work over Wi-Fi. Its remote control is lighter and ergonomic, and works via Bluetooth, so it is no longer necessary to point it at the box. The product was awarded the Reddot Award – an international product and communication design award.

“The main objective of Vodafone is to always give its customers what they want to see, with the best television experience, powered by the best telecommunications network in the market. At a time when consumers’ consumption habits are changing, Vodafone follows the trends and presents a television for everyone, but with an innovative user interface that is more immersive and geared towards content,” said António Margato, Director of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone Portugal.