Anevia works with Intel to optimise video encoder performance

Thursday, September 5th, 2019
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Anevia Collaborates with Intel to Reduce the Cost of Video Encoding for OTT

GENTILLY — Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, announces a technical collaboration with Intel Corporation, enabling it to optimise the performance of its video encoders – ultimately reducing the cost of encoding for OTT service providers.

Thanks to Intel’s latest technology using a new instruction set developed for artificial intelligence called Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), the Anevia software-based Genova encoder can now enable 20% more channels at the same CPU frequency – meaning OTT service providers can offer more services at the same cost.

“We have a dedicated team of specialists with 15 years of experience in encoding who have been working on second-generation Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors since the end of 2018 via Intel’s early access programme,” says Anevia co-founder and CTO Damien Lucas. “Our latest Genova encoders include optimisations for these latest Intel Xeon processors.”

“Encoder design must constantly be optimised in order to achieve the highest possible transmission efficiency without compromising quality,” adds Anevia’s EVP for Compression Products, Jérôme Blanc. “Anevia is one of the earliest video and audio encoding companies to participate in Intel’s early access programmes. This collaboration gave us the processing resources needed to advance this optimisation to a new level, ultimately enabling TV operators to offer some 20 per cent more services without increasing their costs.”

“Multichannel video delivery with scalable coding efficiency requires significant compute and skill to implement for cloud-native services,” said Lynn Comp, vice president and general manager of the Visual Cloud Division at Intel. “Anevia’s innovative use of Intel Deep Learning Boost on second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors to improve their encoding solutions promises greater revenue potential for service providers with increased stream density”.

Anevia’s Genova is a Linux-based multi-bitrate video encoder for live streaming and video on demand, up to 4K ultra-high definition with high dynamic range. Anevia’s end-to-end offering also includes ultra-low latency packaging, origin servers, Cloud DVR and a CDN solution for telcos and service providers to implement their complete OTT TV service.