Deutsche Telekom to launch MagentaTV box with mesh Wi-Fi integrated

Thursday, September 5th, 2019
Deutsche Telekom logo

New for MagentaTV – Wi-Fi-capable media receiver

  • New MagentaTV Box with integrated mesh Wi-Fi technology
  • Direct availability on Samsung smart TVs in the future

Deutsche Telekom is continuing to ramp up exclusive content and technological innovation in its MagentaTV portfolio. The company is exhibiting a new media receiver at IFA: the MagentaTV Box with integrated mesh Wi-Fi technology. “The Handmaid’s Tale,” one of the exclusive series that accompanied MagentaTV when it was launched two years ago, is now entering season three.

MagentaTV box with mesh WiFi

Media receiver – MagentaTV Box with integrated mesh Wi-Fi technology

Deutsche Telekom is bringing the next generation of media receivers with it to IFA – the MagentaTV Box. Thanks to integrated mesh Wi-Fi technology, the MagentaTV box offers top Wi-Fi quality and is easy to integrate into an existing Wi-Fi network, no matter which room it is placed in. What’s more, it even expands the existing Wi-Fi network where this is necessary. The MagentaTV Box is expected to be available from mid-November.

MagentaTV also available on Samsung smart TVs

The TV offerings from Deutsche Telekom are already available on a whole host of devices and platforms thanks to the MagentaTV app. In the future, this app will also be available on Samsung smart TVs (running the Tizen operating system). The app can be used to play certain video-on-demand content in UHD, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos, among other formats.