Deutsche Telekom TV subscribers up 101,000 in 1Q 2024

Thursday, May 16th, 2024 
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BONN — Deutsche Telekom has published its results for Q1 2024.


MagentaTV grows ever more popular. The customer base of the television service increased by 73,000 in the quarter to 4.4 million.

MagentaTV 2.0.

Since February 15, 2024, our refined MagentaTV has combined all relevant TV content and streaming services on one platform. The new features include a clearer design, a customizable user interface, a significantly faster platform, and a search function that also supports voice commands.


The TV and entertainment business had 4.3 million customers in total at the end of the first quarter of 2024, posting slight growth of 0.7 % compared with the end of the prior year. The TV market is already saturated in many of the countries in our segment, where TV services are offered not only by telecommunications companies, but also by OTT players.

Television customer numbers

                                  Mar. 31,   Dec. 31,
                                      2024       2023     Change  Change
                                 thousands  thousands  thousands       %
                                 ---------  ---------  ---------  ------
Germany (IPTV, satellite)            4,400      4,327         73     1.7
Europe (IPTV, satellite, cable)      4,311      4,283         28     0.7

Deutsche Telekom TV Subscribers - 1Q 2018-1Q 2024

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