Socionext releases multistandard DVB/ISDB demodulator IC

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
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Socionext Europe Launches Multi-Standard DVB/ISDB Demodulator LSI

LANGEN, Germany — Socionext Europe GmbH., a global leading provider of System-on-Chip based solutions, is pleased to announce its latest digital TV dual-channel demodulator, the SC1502AF-02. The SC1502AF-02 has been developed as a cost-effective dual-channel and multi-standard model. It is a successor to the SC1501A, the world’s first demodulator compatible with both ISDB-S3 and J.183, and now supports other standards including DVB-T and DVB-S to serve the global TV market.

The SC1502AF-02 supports various terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting channels as well as cable. For terrestrial digital broadcasting, it supports DVB-T (2ch), ISDB-T (2ch) and DVB-T2/T2-Lite (1ch) whereas satellite digital broadcasting is supported with DVB-S2 (2ch), DVB-S (2ch), ISDB-S (2ch), DVB-S2X (1ch) and ISDB-S3 (2ch). Cable digital broadcasting is supported with DVB-C (2ch), ISDB-C (2ch), J.83 Annex B (2ch) and J.183 (2ch).

The SC1502AF-02 is one of the smallest dual-channel multi-standard demodulators in the world, being only 7mm x 7mm, it comes in a QFN 60-pin package with 0.4mm lead pitch. Plus, it has high connectivity with various tuners. Based on these features, the SC1502AF-02 can realize a low cost and high-performance TV front-end solution.

The SC1502AF-02 will be available in volume shipments starting in December.

Socionext will continue to utilize its expertise in state-of-the-art broadcast SoCs to address the fast-changing and expanding needs of this sector by delivering optimum products and solutions.