V-Nova PERSEUS Plus now available on Socionext's SC2A11 processor

Monday, September 10th, 2018
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V-Nova announces availability of PERSEUS Plus for Socionext high performance processor

  • V-Nova PERSEUS™ Plus SDK is available on Socionext’s multi-core processor SC2A11 for security and broadcast applications
  • The joint solution builds on the compression performance of PERSEUS Plus and the density and power-efficiency of Socionext devices to provide unbeatable quality per Watt
  • PERSEUS Plus enables video to be transmitted at half the bitrate of existing H.264/HEVC solutions and with no reduction in picture quality

LONDON, UK — V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced the availability of its PERSEUS Plus SDK for the Socionext security and broadcast solutions based on its SC2A11 processor. The joint solution leverages both the compression performance of PERSEUS Plus and the density and power-efficiency of the Socionext processor. V-Nova will highlight the power of this integration at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam (September 13-18) on booth 14.C36.

In a broadcast environment, the joint solution enables operators, service providers, and transcoding equipment manufacturers to build and deploy the most efficient and cost-effective encoding and transcoding solution on the market. Unlike H.264 or HEVC, PERSEUS Plus enables delivery to all devices even in bandwidth constrained conditions. On a sample 2U server with 32x CPU cards loaded, a complete ABR ladder for twenty full HD 1080p60 PERSEUS Plus-enabled channels can be encoded, in real-time, at 300W compared to using 2x 4U appliances consuming over 4KW for lower picture quality.

In a security environment – where many operators are constrained by bandwidth between the remote surveillance locations and the operations centre, limiting the number of concurrent CCTV feeds that can be sent back over a given link. This solution enables equipment manufacturers to increase the number of feeds while ensuring no breakup in video quality even during complex pan and tilt or motion.

“Socionext and V-Nova have been working very closely to develop the best solutions for the mission critical applications of security operators and broadcasters worldwide,” said Tom Miyake, Corporate Executive Vice President of Socionext Inc., “Leveraging the outstanding capabilities of our processor with V-Nova’s world class expertise in video codec technology, we will continue to deliver innovative and advanced solutions for customers worldwide.”

“We’re thrilled to have worked with Socionext in rapidly delivering a solution that achieves superior image quality performance and unbeatable encoding density, both attributes which are highly valued by our customers,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova. “The availability of PERSEUS Plus on Socionext chips further adds to the wide range of readily-deployable solutions for streaming to all devices and browsers and is another example of why PERSEUS Plus is the only next-generation codec ready for large-scale deployment today.”

PERSEUS Plus is available as an SDK, readily integrated in many open source components such as FFmpeg, and third-party vendor products. This allows operators, service providers, system integrators and online video platform providers to easily integrate and deploy PERSEUS technology on existing ecosystems for the delivery of high-quality full HD video over bandwidth constrained networks.