Socionext delivers H.264 video encoder on AWS

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020
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Socionext Delivers High-speed, High-quality H.264 Video Encoder Available on Amazon Web Services

  • Enables Major Reduction in Time from Video Production to Delivery

YOKOHAMA — Socionext Inc., a leading provider of System-on-Chip based solutions for video and imaging technologies, has developed the “H.264 Encoder on AWS”, a highspeed, high-quality H.264 video encoder available on Amazon Web Services. Compared to conventional systems, the encoder helps video distribution service providers to expedite their content production to delivery time by 70% without compromising on quality. The H.264 Encoder on AWS enables users to enhance the quality of their services and increase the number of titles at a reasonable cost.

System example with Socionext H.264 Encoder on AWS

Main Specifications of Socionext H.264 Encoder on AWS

The H.264 Encoder on AWS operates on the F1 instance of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. It complies with the H.264 encoding standard which is most commonly used in video distribution on the Internet today, delivering superior image quality compression and high-speed processing to video distribution service providers.

The AWS F1 instance offers FPGA devices that users can program a hardware circuit. The H.264 Encoder on AWS utilizes the FPGA on the F1 instance and provides an accelerator circuit based on Socionext’s proprietary hardware encoder technology. It enables a high image quality video data compression at a speed unattainable by a software-based encoder. As its application interface, the encoder uses FFmpeg, which is widely used by video distribution services, so service providers can easily incorporate the encoder into existing systems.

Socionext will continue delivering solutions to the cloud-based video distribution market to meet the growing demand, through the “H.264 Encoder on AWS” as well as other System-on-Chip products that feature the company’s advanced video processing technology.