Channelbox OTT channel aggregator launches on Freeview UK

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
Channelbox logo

Channelbox Launches on Freevew 271

LONDON — Channelbox announced its launch on Freeview platform, channel 271.

Channelbox is a new streaming TV service that bundles a curated selection of free-to-air TV channels of various genres and languages, delivering them to the Freeview platform OTT.

Channelbox’s ingenious user interface remembers the previously watched TV channel, presenting it by default on subsequent visits. This is of a huge benefit to content providers and viewers as it minimizes the time of navigating the menu and selecting the desired content. This feature makes Channelbox unique in the current Freeview lineup.

For content providers this offers the equivalent user experience of a dedicated Freeview channel at lower cost and it does so whilst increasing the potential audience for their channel. For dedicated viewers of a channel they simply need to navigate to the Channelbox number as they would for any broadcast channel. To access Channelbox all you need is to have your TV set connected to the aerial and the internet.

There are numerous benefits for broadcasters launching their channel on Channelbox:

  • It is the most cost effective way to reach audiences in the UK.
  • On boarding is fast and simple, guided by a dedicated team of experts.
  • As the content is delivered via IP, non-EU content can be delivered without a broadcast license.
  • This makes Channelbox the easiest and fastest route to the millions of UK homes.

Channelbox includes such TV channels as France24, Hellenic TV, Faith UK, Retro Movies and Law&Crime. More channels will be announced in the next month.