Freeview Play ends the year with nearly 7 million users

Monday, December 23rd, 2019
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Freeview Play bucks market trend, ending the year with nearly 7 million users

Freeview Play is Britain’s fastest growing TV platform with almost 7m users and over 9m devices capable of receiving Freeview Play already in British homes. The free service offers more than 20,000 hours of free, on-demand content – a viewer could watch 12 hours a day until June 2024 without seeing a repeat (and watch it on the 55” 4K TV they could afford with the savings from not paying streamer subscription fees). And if that isn’t enough, Freeview also offers 85 live TV channels including all of Britain’s most popular channels.

There’s been just as great a growth spurt for Freeview’s mobile app, launched earlier this year, which has seen over 1 million users to date. The mobile app has proved hugely popular with viewers wanting to watch the best live TV and on demand content on the move.

And the platform isn’t about to take its foot off the pedal, plans for next year include an Accessible TV Guide which will launch on all connected Freeview Play devices at LCN 555, strengthening the platform’s commitment to offer everybody easy access to the best TV. Early next year, Britbox will begin rolling out, offering viewers the ability to top up their free viewing within the platform for the first time.

Owen Jenkinson, Marketing Director, Freeview UK said, “There’s never been a better time to be a Freeview viewer. With more content available than ever and lots of new partnerships to look forward to in 2020, no wonder Freeview Play continues to grow.”