BritBox available on Panasonic and Vestel TVs and on Chromecast

Monday, December 23rd, 2019
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BritBox now available on Panasonic’s premium range of televisions, on smart TVs manufactured by Vestel, and on Google Chromecast

LONDON — BritBox confirmed today that the service is now available on Panasonic’s premium range of televisions*, on smart TVs manufactured by Vestel, and on Google Chromecast streaming sticks.

This is in addition to the TV devices supported at launch. BritBox is now easily accessible on around 10million devices, which represents one third of video-on-demand homes. By next Spring BritBox is aiming to be available on around 20 million devices, and two thirds of video-on-demand homes.**

As announced previously, Panasonic’s premium range of televisions has featured the BritBox app since 10th December.

Helen Dixon, Head of Marketing for TV from Panasonic UK confirmed ‘We are pleased to be one of the first to support BritBox with the inclusion on our premium range of TV’s in order to bring classic British television programmes to our customers’ homes, especially in time for Christmas.’

BritBox is now also available on a range of smart TVs using the Vestel platform, which allows owners of Toshiba, JVC, HITACHI, Bush, Digihome, Finlux, Logik, Luxor, Polaroid, Techwood and more TVs to effortlessly access the service via an app.

‘BritBox will be featured on model ranges from 2017 onwards and support for further Freeview Play compatible models will be added soon’ added Hakan Kutlu, Vice President of Marketing, Vestel.

The BritBox Chromecast app allows subscribers to view BritBox on any television with a HDMI port by adding a £30 Chromecast device. Viewers are able to use their iOS or Android smartphone to browse and select from the biggest collection of British box-sets, and then enjoy watching it on the big screen using their phone as a remote control.

Reemah Sakaan, group launch director for ITV SVOD commented: ‘We are rolling out more ways of watching BritBox all the time, and are thrilled to confirm our partnerships with Chromecast, Vestel and Panasonic in time for Christmas. We look forward to adding even more ways to enjoy the best of British creativity in 2020, including more FreeView Play sets, YouView devices and Amazon FireTV.’

* Panasonic television models which support BritBox: GX800 and above, including GZ series, FX700B and above & FZ series, EX series & EZ series, DX series and CX series.
** 21m homes in the UK can watch VOD on a TV set