ThinkAnalytics unveils new customer wins

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 
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ThinkAnalytics unveils new customer wins and strong 2022 growth in advertising and FAST

LONDON and LA –– ThinkAnalytics, the global provider of cloud-based personalized content discovery, viewer insight, and targeted advertising solutions, grew aggressively in 2022 with revenue growth of 30% year on year. New customer signings worldwide include Bell Canada, BritBox, Crunchyroll, Telus, Sony Pictures, Magyar Telekom, and MBC Group.

2022 highlights include:

  • New live deployments worldwide, including across North America, Europe and MENA; and the expansion of India’s Tata Play Binge service to deliver super-aggregation across 25 streaming apps
  • A number of partnership announcements with AWS, reinforcing the two firms’ complementary solutions and services
  • The growing adoption of hyper-targeting with ThinkAdvertising by both existing ThinkAnalytics customers and non-traditional customers

Looking to 2023, ThinkAnalytics is predicting significant dual revenue streams with the continued expansion of its industry-leading Think360 search and content discovery platform as well as ThinkAdvertising. Bringing the power of hyper-targeted digital advertising to more video service providers, ThinkAdvertising allows customers to increase ad revenues while further personalizing the overall TV experience. Further ad-based deployments will be going live in early 2023. In addition, ThinkAnalytics deployed its first FAST deployments across several customers and this expansion will continue throughout 2023. Furthermore, ThinkAnalytics’ partnerships with the leading FAST technology suppliers will bring FAST personalization to the market in 2023.

With this solid growth, ThinkAnalytics has reached the milestone of delivering 8 billion recommendations every day to more than 475 million users under contract across more than 85 pay-TV and streaming services in 43 languages.

A strong partnership with AWS has resulted in increasing demand to run Think360 in the cloud and 90% of customers are now running on AWS. Think360 on AWS has the massive scalability required to power super-aggregation such as those at Liberty Global and Tata Play. In 2022, India’s Tata Play Binge service expanded its use of Think360 to support super-aggregation across 25 streaming apps.

Eddie Young, Chairman, ThinkAnalytics, said, “2022 has continued our growth trajectory with the addition of impressive names to our list of customers. Our success has snowballed as video service providers strive to find new ways of increasing engagement with users and better monetize their investments in content with FAST services. We see continued momentum in 2023 with more significant customer wins across all territories especially North America but also Europe and Asia Pacific. The uplift in viewing our customers achieve is testament to the power of personalized user experiences in boosting engagement and loyalty at a time when subscriber churn is becoming a key priority for the industry.”

Greg Riker, Chief Revenue Officer at ThinkAnalytics, added, “Hyper-targeted personalized experiences are becoming a must-have differentiator to combat the perfect storm of rising content costs and competitive market pressures. Our ability to meet this need for all sizes of video service providers – including larger players looking for massively scalable super aggregation – and help them increase the lifetime value of subscribers, means we are going into 2023 in a strong position to continue growing the business.”

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