ThinkAnalytics and Channel 4 renew partnership

Monday, February 26th, 2024 
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ThinkAnalytics and Channel 4 renew partnership to enrich and personalize Channel 4 streaming experience

LONDON — ThinkAnalytics, the world leader in Al-based TV content discovery, viewer data insights, and targeted advertising, and UK public service streamer Channel 4 today announced they have extended their partnership, after successfully using ThinkAnalytics Think360’s viewer behavior insights and AI to pioneer personalized recommendations on Channel 4’s streaming service and across marketing and CRM campaigns.

Channel 4 has integrated Think360 with its customer engagement platform, enabling content recommendations to be tailored to each user’s viewing tastes and preferences, on and off platform. As a result, Channel 4 has been able to target viewers on a 1:1 basis using real-time behavioral data to maximize open, conversion and click through rates. One of the first broadcasters to do this extensively, Channel 4 has used Think360s insights to deliver relevant and personalized recommendations and increase streaming growth and loyalty.

Channel 4 and ThinkAnalytics have been working closely on A/B testing customer journeys across Channel 4 streaming, optimising the user experience and content offering for its 28 million+ registered users, resulting in notable uplifts in engagement in high impact customer areas of the app.

David Cameron, Chief Product Officer at Channel 4, commented, “Channel 4’s partnership renewal with ThinkAnalytics underscores our commitment to enhancing viewer engagement and driving digital innovation. We have been able to drive significant growth in streaming through a combination of editorial and AI powered curation. By leveraging Think360’s capabilities, we continue to refine our approach and together we are shaping the future of TV content discovery and curation.”

Channel 4’s Head of Streaming Editorial, Alex Wall, added, “Our vision is to deliver a personalized experience that drives views and frequency, feels relevant to our viewers, but crucially, retains our distinctive brand and tone of voice. To help us strike that balance, we need a recommendation engine (and tech partner) that allows us to deliver both; ThinkAnalytics’ flexible configuration and collaborative approach has been essential to that.”

Channel 4 uses Think360 to personalize the presentation of various rails across the UI, combining editorially curated content with personalized recommendations designed to connect viewers to the content they love, in what Channel 4’s Head of Streaming Editorial, Alex Wall’s terms ‘smart curation’. Following successful A/B testing of personalized editorial by Think360, Channel 4 is delighted to be rolling out the functionality to other areas of the product.

Marc Aldrich, Worldwide CEO, ThinkAnalytics said, “Channel 4 knows the power of AI powered curation and has been a pioneer in extending personalized viewer recommendations to its millions of registered users. We look forward to extending our partnership as Channel 4 continues to innovate and increase engagement with its audiences.”

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