Brightcove announces SaaS-based OTT platform availability

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
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Brightcove Enables Content Owners to Launch Over-the-top (OTT) Services and Monetize Content Faster than Ever Before

  • Brightcove Beacon™ provides flexible monetization options, allowing customers to recognize revenue across devices at launch

BOSTON — Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), the leading provider of cloud services for video, announced the general availability of Brightcove Beacon™, a new SaaS-based OTT platform. Brightcove Beacon empowers customers to deliver captivating OTT experiences on a breadth of devices, with the flexibility of multiple monetization models to fit any business need.

As consumers continue to shift their viewing habits, broadcasters, content owners, and Pay-TV providers are seeking new business models and technology in an effort to stay relevant to their audiences. The continuously expanding list of viewing devices is a challenge for many content owners, and Brightcove Beacon addresses this by allowing customers to launch content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Additionally, with multiple paths to monetization, including advertising, subscription, freemium, and authentication models, Brightcove Beacon helps customers to launch and monetize video content across mobile, web, connected TV, and smart TV all from one platform.

Brightcove Beacon allows customers of all industries to deliver content to multiple devices and platforms to increase audience reach. With Brightcove Beacon, new and existing customers are seeing the advantage of quickly launching multiple apps across platforms and devices with the added benefit of staying up to date with the latest app store requirements.

“We launched our first online community in 2012 using Brightcove Video Cloud with the goal of becoming a leading provider of online digital instruction via a paid subscription model. Our how-to instructions are centered around lifelong learning and hobbies, and reaches members in more than 150 countries,” said Jim Kopp, EVP and GM of Digital Business at TN Marketing. “Now with 11 online communities focused on engaging people with their passions, and as more consumers cut the cable cord and turn to app-based streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, we see the opportunity to further evolve our video delivery to align with new viewing behaviors and preferences. Brightcove Beacon allows us to do this quickly, easily, and with the latest technology at the forefront of the streaming video industry.”

Brightcove Beacon also supports flexible monetization models enabling customers to see value from their content in a way that works best for their business and provides more options for advertising partners to reach viewers.

“We want to ensure that we continuously provide our viewers with easy to use products and engaging weather-related content,” said Naomi Lipowski, Director IPTV & TV Apps of Pelmorex Corp. (parent company of The Weather Network & MétéoMédia). “As we continue to expand our services on more platforms to provide additional value to our viewers and advertisers, having cross-device OTT capabilities is a must. Brightcove Beacon’s solution enables us to efficiently provide a high-quality viewing experience on a variety of devices for our viewers, while also creating more opportunities for our advertising partners to reach their audience demographics.”

Furthermore, Brightcove Beacon helps customers to scale their businesses cost-effectively, reaching viewers on the devices and platforms they favor faster than ever before. By utilizing Brightcove Beacon, customers can focus on securing the content viewers crave.

“A few years ago, we observed that there was a significant opportunity to reach a broader global audience using OTT technology, but our organization was built around traditional TV and cable,” said Michael Stonecypher, VP of Digital Media/Broadcast at Christian Broadcasting Network. “Our goal was to build a user-friendly, consistent digital presence in a simple and cost-effective way without having to shift company resources away from producing the content our viewers seek. Brightcove Beacon enabled us to offer a full-scale OTT service using existing systems without having to expand our team. Today, OTT is a significant growth area for CBN, and Brightcove Beacon will help us keep pace with our viewers’ evolving demands.”

As stated in the Brightcove Video Index, the rise of mobile is here to stay, with 53% of global video views beginning on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. The role mobile plays in video consumption is as prevalent as ever and companies need to serve content to viewers where they are consuming content.

“We are excited to see our customers launch content quickly and easily across devices and platforms with Brightcove Beacon,” said Charles Chu, Chief Product Officer, Brightcove. “The OTT landscape is evolving and isn’t a one size fits all category anymore; viewers have increased expectations and appetites for watching videos while consuming content on a growing list of devices. Brightcove Beacon helps customers reach new viewers across more devices and expand their ability to protect and monetize their video content. For TN Marketing, Pelmorex, and CBN, Brightcove Beacon is the flexible platform that fits their needs and we are thrilled to partner with all three companies as they work to expand reach, monetize, scale, and get to market quickly with new apps.”