Conexant Introduces New Family of Broadcast Audio/Video Decoders for PCTV Applications

Monday, July 14th, 2008
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Next-generation Decoders Feature Integrated USB and Consumer Infrared Support

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXTD) today introduced a new family of broadcast audio/video (A/V) decoders targeted at “PCTV” applications, which allow consumers to watch television on personal computers. The CX2310X decoders enable the capture of analog and digital broadcast streams on personal computers through an integrated universal serial bus (USB) interface. Key features include support for consumer infrared (CIR) functionality, which allows consumers to operate multimedia PCs and TVs connected to cable or satellite set-top boxes (STBs) with a single remote control. The decoders are the world’s first USB broadcast A/V decoders to offer this level of functionality. The highly integrated devices can also be used in conjunction with Conexant’s demodulators to create complete PCTV system solutions.

“We have applied our expertise in audio/video capture and PC architectures to develop a next-generation product family that sets a new standard in terms of performance and integration,” said Rene Hartner, vice president of marketing for Conexant’s Imaging and PC Media business. “Our world-class broadcast decoders deliver the high-fidelity audio and superior video quality that consumers expect. They also allow manufacturers to develop products that provide consumers with the added convenience of infrared connectivity.”

To enable CIR functionality, an infrared transmission cable is connected from the STB to the PCTV tuner card in the computer. Once this is complete, the multimedia PC remote can be used to manage functions such as changing television channels, browsing photos on the PC, and volume control.

The broadcast decoders comply with worldwide audio and video broadcast standards, and include automatic standard-detection and configuration capabilities. This eliminates the need for consumers to manually configure their PCs to conform to industry standards that apply in their geography, which improves the user experience.

The decoders are offered in various configurations and can be used to capture a single analog stream, two simultaneous digital TV transport streams, or a combination of analog and digital broadcast programming. This flexibility allows manufacturers to easily and costeffectively develop products from applications ranging from basic analog television capture to advanced hybrid analog and digital capture solutions.

The CX2310X broadcast decoder family has several features that improve video quality. These include 10-bit video analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), a full 10-bit video data path, a multi-tap horizontal and vertical scaler, and hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast controls. In addition, the decoders have integrated anti-aliasing technology and noise reduction filters to improve image clarity.

Audio-enhancing features include ADCs that enable stereo audio capture and provide a minimum of 16-bit audio resolution through the entire audio data path. The audio path also includes an automatic volume control function and two assignable stereo processing units that control volume, three-band equalization, and balance.

The high-level audio and video integration in the CX2310X product family eliminates the need for additional components including broadcast decoding and processing chips, and external sound demodulation chips. This allows manufacturers to reduce bill-of-materials costs without compromising audio and video performance.

Additional features include low power consumption, which is particularly important for notebook computers and other battery-powered consumer products, and a compact 10mm x 10mm footprint, which is important for MiniCard, USB stick, and Expresscard™ applications.

CX2310X Feature Comparison Chart:

Feature                           CX23100   CX23101   CX23102
-------                           -------   -------   -------
USB Interface                         Yes        No       Yes 
Broadcast Audio/Video                  No       Yes       Yes 
Integrated Analog IF demodulator       No       Yes       Yes 
Transport Stream Interface            Yes        No       Yes

Conexant offers a complete suite of components and system solutions for standard- and high-definition video applications including PCTV and video surveillance. The company’s video and multimedia product offering includes analog and digital video encoders/decoders, PCI video decoders, software, and complete reference designs.

Availability and Packaging

Conexant’s new broadcast A/V decoders are sampling now, and will be available in volume quantities in September 2008. They are packaged in a 132-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package.