Verizon Media launches TV tune-in attribution with Inscape

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020
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Verizon Media Launches TV Tune-In Attribution to Connect Digital Ads & TV Viewing

  • With Inscape, new solution helps Verizon Media DSP customers like Discovery better measure ROI on ad spend

NEW YORK — Verizon Media today introduced its new TV tune-in attribution product that allows broadcasters, networks and media companies to quantify the impact of digital ad campaigns on consumers tuning into TV shows. This is the first time Verizon Media DSP users can attribute TV show tune-ins to ads served on any channel, including mobile, CTV, video, desktop, native, and beyond. Verizon Media is launching the offering with Inscape, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIZIO{1}, for automatic content recognition (ACR) TV viewing data, with additional partnerships forthcoming.

“We are continuing to close the attribution gap across devices, channels and screens,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media. “Our TV tune-in product helps advertisers better understand their customers, connecting the dots between ad-viewing on a smartphone, for example, with TV-viewing. That feedback loop drives better performance and outcomes, while providing insights into critical performance indicators like tune-in conversions.”

Verizon Media’s TV tune-in attribution correlates ad exposure and engagement across devices and screens to a user tuning into a program on their TV. The product works by matching ad behavior with near-real time ACR data from more than 15 million smart TVs. ACR data is opted-in by the consumer, capturing viewing preferences in an anonymized way, while allowing TV and entertainment advertisers to perform closed-loop attribution of users that saw an ad then tuned in to the show.

“As the way we watch TV has changed, so has the marketer’s approach to measuring it,” said Markman. “Advertisers want to measure the impact of their media directly with more granular data. With our TV tune-in attribution, we are helping them better personalize and optimize marketing campaigns, understand ad exposures across key platforms, and maximize business outcomes.”

Discovery is one of the first brands to use Verizon Media’s TV tune-in attribution product at launch, helping them identify the effects of non-TV inventory on TV-viewing and ensuring greater harmony across campaigns.

“Verizon Media’s TV tune-in product represents a critical advancement of platforms converging with highly relevant real-time data,” said Seth Goren, Group SVP, Media Strategy and Analytics at Discovery. “These kinds of infrastructure enhancements enable a whole new spectrum of thinking to drive optimization and ultimately improve a range of tune-in outcomes that matter deeply to our business.”

Powered by qualified, unique and diverse data, Verizon Media’s omnichannel DSP delivers exclusive and unique access to premium mobile, video, desktop, native, CTV, addressable TV, audio, and DOOH inventory.

1. VIZIO accounts for nearly 20% of all smart TVs in the US, making Inscape the largest single source of licensed smart TV viewing data available in the country.