Vestel integrates access to HD+ on UHD TVs for Germany

Friday, July 24th, 2020
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Vestel Offers Integrated Access to HD+ on UHD TVs for Germany

  • Multi-brand TV Manufacturer, Vestel, Integrates HD+ into UHD TVs for Germany
  • HD+ integrated directly into Vestel-produced UHD TVs; Toshiba, Telefunken, JVC, Hitachi and many more with HD+ on board.
  • UHD TVs with HD+ produced by Vestel will be available from September 2020.
  • Vestel is the third major HD+ partner. Therefore, more than half of the UHD televisions sold in Germany will have HD+ integrated in TV sets in the future.

MANISA, Turkey — Multi-brand TV manufacturer, Vestel, is set to offer direct access to HD+ on a wide selection of UHD TVs for the German market. From September, selected UHD TVs with built-in HD+ will be available under popular brand names, such as Toshiba, Telefunken, JVC, and Hitachi. One of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics in Europe, Vestel is the third major manufacturer to deliver its UHD devices with HD+ “ex works”, which means that external devices, such as set-top boxes are no longer necessary for reception. The free HD+ Komfort-Funktion (convenience function) ensures that linear and non-linear programs can be used easily and conveniently.

“We are delighted to cooperate with HD+ and provide one of the most important features of the Smart TV experience for our consumers. The integration of HD+ into our branded devices creates a real differentiator in the market and ensures the best possible viewing experience. The partnership with HD+ enabled this launch and revolutionized the way users meet comfort and quality.” said Barış Altınkaya, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management, Vestel.

Georges Agnes, Managing Director Operations and Product Development at HD+: “With the integration of HD+ into TV sets we started a small revolution last year. For viewers, HD+ is now much easier and more comfortable to use. The cooperation with Vestel underlines that ‘HD+ integrated in TV sets’ is an attractive additional argument in marketing for manufacturers. We are now working closely with three major players in the industry, and HD+ will be on board with millions of TV sets in the future.”

HD+ can be easily installed when setting up the TV for the first time. Viewers who buy the TV can try the HD+ Sender-package (currently 24 of the largest commercial broadcasters in HD quality as well as 2 UHD channels) and the new HD+ Komfort-Funktion (convenience function) free of charge for 6 months. The latter enables the instant restart of selected programs, direct access to 7-day-catch-up TV and an innovative, interactive TV guide with customizable search patterns.

Through its partnership with HD+, Vestel will continue to move the industry forward, improving ease of use and delivering more user-friendly TVs to the German market.