Kast watch party app adds live-engagement for co-viewing

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020
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Kast Drops Pivotal Visual Live-Engagement In The Ultimate Co-Viewing Experience

  • A Watch Party Like No Other

SAN DIEGO, CA — In a move that will set itself apart from rivals, Kast, the watch party app and VE platform, has launched Kast TV, a welcomed addition to the app set to include the first visual live-engagement feature for the ultimate co-viewing experience. The breakthrough announcement was made today by Mark Ollila, the CEO of Kast.

Kast TV is a free-to-watch streaming service within the Kast platform, available today. Kasters are able to talk, hear, and see each other simultaneously as they watch their selected content.

The year-old startup, is wasting no time at becoming the frontrunner in the advancement of social entertainment.

“It’s the closest experience to an in-person engagement. When we go to the cinema or invite a group of friends over to watch a movie, for example, it’s because we desire a communal experience, shared moments together,” explained Ollila. “The Kast TV social enhancement can now capture some of that IRL essence. We can see and hear real-time reactions. These are the kind of connections which, today, bears even more relevance during these isolated times. We believe Kast TV is the first global SVOD watch party solution on the market and are pleased to be the first to offer such a service.”

Kast, a leading watch party app among a growing user base, will be expanding its content offerings. It plans to sign up additional FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) partners and expand its proprietary subscription service with its own content. This service, in a first, is a worldwide release –allowing people from close to 200 countries to have a complete watch party experience.

Launching with the in-app service is a library of medium and feature length content as well as access to content from such platforms as YouTube and Tubi, providing a plethora of viewing options. The benefits are appealing. Kast TV will offer its community members new, robust experiences and movie theater viewing quality — from 1080p to 4k and DTS X to Dolby Atmos — with reduced saturation of their home bandwidth in comparison to screen sharing.

“Visual live-engagement is a seismic upgrade to our watch-party ecosystem,” Ollila added. “While the live-chat window remains, the prospect should excite users to be able to talk and react over video, just like you would in a non-virtual gathering. You’ll be able to watch movies online just like you were in your living room but now with the ability to chat and see each other while sharing the content.”

Kast members can look forward to ongoing feature enhancements and added content curated by Kast and from its FAST partners in the months to come.