EMX onboards Inscape data for CTV 'Incremental Reach Measurement'

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020
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Engine Media Exchange Onboards Inscape Data For CTV “Incremental Reach Measurement” Product For Brands

  • New Reporting System Links CTV and Linear TV Media Delivery

NEW YORK — ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), ENGINE’s fully owned, end-to-end technology and programmatic solution, purpose-built to evolve today’s digital marketplace, announced today the launch of its Connected TV (CTV) “Incremental Reach Measurement” product. With the product, EMX integrates TV viewing data provided by Inscape, a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies, with its own campaign delivery data in a proprietary data warehousing, reporting, and analytics solution.

The CTV “Incremental Reach Measurement” product enables advertisers to assess the full impact of their TV media buy and identify opportunities for more effective reach while eliminating waste and duplication. The product builds upon EMX’s Premium CTV inventory footprint – across all major networks and channels – with a total of 400 million daily available impressions.

Through Inscape, EMX has access to glass-level, consumer opt-in data for more than 15 million VIZIO smart TVs, or about 1/5 of all smart TVs in U.S. households.

Brands today struggle with the gap between linear TV and CTV reporting, as each platform is measured with different metrics and strategies. Each buy is also typically managed through separate teams and using differing tactics. Standard CTV reporting is limited, siloed, and does not translate well to linear TV terminology.

The CTV “Incremental Reach Measurement” product solves the disconnect between linear TV and CTV by effectively linking CTV and linear TV buys together, providing clients with enhanced reporting that can be added onto EMX-delivered CTV campaigns, including:

  • Linking a brand’s linear TV media delivery to EMX CTV media delivery at the household level
  • Providing deduplicated incremental household reach of EMX CTV vs client’s linear TV delivery
  • Enabling campaign pacing across linear TV vs CTV investment based on saturation and desired target population reach (light, medium, heavy users)
  • Identifying different data-views by day part, time of day, network (linear TV) and app (CTV)
  • Unearthing recommendations for campaign optimizations, targeting strategies and future media planning for both linear TV and CTV
  • Allowing advertisers to measure frequency across linear TV and CTV to identify oversaturated or undersaturated audiences; this helps advertisers either optimize media investment for reach for oversaturated audiences, or to build frequency against undersaturated audiences when necessary

“With EMX’s new ‘Incremental Reach Measurement’ product we are bridging linear TV and CTV with a common measurement standard and solving a complicated need in the market,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX. “Together with Inscape we have created a system that enables our clients to get the enhanced CTV and linear TV reporting they need to run more targeted and successful campaigns allowing for true cross channel optimization and improved return on investment for advertisers spending in today’s TV landscape.”

“More than ever, brands are clamoring for tools to help understand where their audiences are, and how TV is being consumed in order to keep pace with a very dynamic TV marketplace,” said Greg Hampton, Vice President, Business Development for Inscape. “We look forward to providing the team at EMX with Inscape viewing data at the scale, speed and granularity necessary for them to deliver precise measurement solutions. This will enable a deeper understanding of audiences, empower brands to make intelligent TV ad-buying decisions and be better prepared to address changes in the marketplace.”