Lenovo to supply CMMB-enabled TD-SCDMA phones to China Mobile

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Watching the Olympics by Mobile Phone – Jointly Presented by Lenovo Mobile and Spreadtrum the First Batch of Mobile TV Equipped TD-SCDMA Handsets

BEJING, China — Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Ltd. (“Lenovo Mobile”) (Hong Kong: 0992) and Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRD, “Spreadtrum”) jointly presented Lenovo Mobile’s TD900, the new digital mobile-TV equipped TD-SCDMA handsets, to China Mobile (Hong Kong: 0941; NYSE: CHL). The TD900’s design is based on Spreadtrum’s TD-SCDMA platform and mobile-TV solution. Officials attending the press conference included Mr. Xinsheng Zhang, Deputy Director General, Science and Technology Department, MIIT, Mr. Bo Zhao, Deputy Director General, Electronics and Information Technology Products Department, MIIT, Ms. Xiaojie Wang, Director General, Science and Technology Bureau, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (“SARFT”), and officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology and from China Mobile.

This batch of mobile-TV equipped TD900 will be distributed to the Beijing Olympics volunteers and staff members. Lenovo Mobile is expected to deliver more TD900 handsets to China Mobile before the Beijing Olympic Games. With the Beijing Olympics approaching, China has become the focus of the world. Currently, China Mobile is increasing its testing of the mobile-TV function while preparing its third round of public bidding for the purchase of TD-SCDMA handsets. Lenovo Mobile and Spreadtrum’s distribution of the first batch of mobile-TV TD900 handsets to China Mobile at the earliest opportunity shows the two parties’ strong joint efforts and determination to serve the Beijing Olympics.

Lenovo Mobile’s TD900 is one of Lenovo Mobile’s “new vision” model series released in July 2008. TD900 is a tablet phone; it supports TD-SCDMA/GSM dual mode and 3G applications such as video phone, mobile-TV, auto-roaming, auto-switching and high speed download. As the first batch of mobile-TV equipped TD handsets, several radio programs and approximately eight TV channels including CCTV1, CCTV Olympics and CCTV News, are provided free and with good signal reception and smooth video display. The combination of TD-SCDMA and CMMB, both of which are China owned standards, offers a wonderful solution to serve the Beijing Olympic Games.

The TD900 deploys Spreadtrum’s solutions for TD-SCDMA and CMMB standards. As the only wireless baseband solution provider in the industry for the innovative technologies of TD-SCDMA and CMMB, Spreadtrum developed successfully the TD-SCDMA digital mobile-TV application. Spreadtrum’s chip solution offers mobile-TV play, simultaneous transmitting and receiving of communication signals without interference, and a good experience with the TV services of the TD-SCDMA digital mobile.

“It is our pleasure to jointly present with Spreadtrum the TD900, the innovative mobile-TV equipped TD handset, to China Mobile. TD900 is designed to address the needs of the mainstream market and is developed independently and to bring us the latest digital mobile TV experience. Being the national industry leader, Lenovo Mobile will make its best efforts to unite the industry’s strengths and advance the development of China’s 3G technology,” said by Mr. Yan Lv, President and CEO of Lenovo Mobile.

Dr. Ping Wu, President and CEO of Spreadtrum said, “We are pleased that Spreadtrum and Lenovo Mobile were able to jointly deliver the digital mobile-TV equipped TD-SCDMA handsets to China Mobile. Spreadtrum has pursued independent innovation and has supported China’s self-developed standards for many years. We hope to maintain a strong cooperative relationship with Lenovo Mobile to drive together the next level of development in China’s communications industry. ”
According to a recent forecast from China Mobile, the second phase of the TD-SCDMA network infrastructure will be completed by early next year, when all provincial capitals and select cities will have network coverage by then. With the successful kick-off of the third round of public bidding for the purchase of TD-SCDMA handsets by China Mobile and the mobile-TV TD handsets in the market, it is believed that a new “vision” awaits.