TheViewPoint enhances monetization and reporting for VlogBox

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020
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TheViewPoint Becomes VlogBox’s Tech Partner For Enhancing CTV Inventory Monetization And Reporting

TheViewPoint, an innovative video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers and broadcasters, announced a partnership with VlogBox, a global video content distribution and monetization platform, that helps content creators, distributors and resellers. Within this partnership, TheViewPoint brings in its ad tech solutions to power up VlogBox’s monetization capabilities, as well as robust analytics and precise pricing control over the so-coveted CTV inventory.

“The first outcomes of this partnership had exceeded all expectations. So far, TheViewPoint has contributed to an overall demand increase for VlogBox inventory,” said Daniel Elad, CSO of TheViewPoint. “Specifically, our team performed the integration of a proprietary SDK into the VlogBox applications as well as API integration between platforms, which allowed us to streamline accurate reporting and analytics. With TheViewPoint’s proprietary SDK, ad server, and transparent business model, the VlogBox platform is fully equipped and settled for intensifying its earnings from monetization and reporting intelligence. Besides, we’re working on enhancing the product line, so VlogBox, as our valued partner, will benefit from all the advantages of the upcoming roll-outs.”

Meanwhile, VlogBox keeps broadening its boundaries. Just recently, the company has successfully partnered with Riki Group, a kids content production company. When it comes to serving content to young audiences, it’s essential to focus on compliance with privacy policies, COPPA regulations, and advertising categories. The capabilities of TheViewPoint’s solutions encompass all necessary to fall within these requirements.

“We at VlogBox were looking for the means to efficiently monetize our extensive assets portfolio, as it’s essential for us as a developer of custom applications for the CTV/OTT environment,” said Nick Platonenko, CEO at VlogBox. “Since we’re putting transparent pricing and direct demand forefront, it is vital for us to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities within the VlogBox platform. Hence, we were searching for a technology provider who would help us enhance these capabilities. Eventually, we found a solution in TheViewPoint and are going to keep cooperating and building on the progress together.”

Links: VlogBox; TheViewPoint