VUALTO DRM selected to protect France Télévisions' AV content

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

VUALTO’s VUDRM solution protects France Télévisions’ audiovisual content

VUALTO, a leading live and on-demand video streaming and DRM provider, today announced that France Télévisions, the French public broadcaster and leading audiovisual group in France, has chosen to implement VUALTO’s digital rights management solution, VUDRM, to protect and deliver its audiovisual content across all its digital platforms.

As the country’s public national television broadcaster, France Télévisions presides over a range of premium live channels with catch-up facilities, plus on-demand content across varying platforms. VUALTO’s VUDRM solution enables it to safeguard its valuable content, ensuring secure delivery of the broadcaster’s live, VOD and offline content to its viewers across a variety of devices, as well as via online and offline playback methods.
VUDRM’s flexible token generation allows France Télévisions to dynamically issue individual permissions for content, removing re-encryption requirements and providing a seamless viewing experience thanks to local infrastructure which ensures low latency. The use of the VUDRM token also enables France TV to change its business policies for varying pieces of content, as well as the benefit of it being device agnostic.

Fernando López Navarro, Technical Head of Digital Video Distribution, France Télévisions, commented: “VUALTO’s expertise in digital rights management has been highly valuable, and the implementation of its VUDRM solution has provided both peace of mind, as well as ensured much needed flexibility. VUALTO has worked closely with our development teams to ensure the service integrated seamlessly into our existing workflows.”

Camilla Young, CEO and Co-founder, VUALTO, added: “We’re proud to be delivering a flexible and interoperable digital rights management solution to France Télévisions with VUDRM. We’ve engaged closely with the France Télévisions team to ensure the solution meets their requirements.”

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