Tata Elxsi launches UI/UX application framework for RDK STBs

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
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Tata Elxsi launches feature-rich UI/UX application framework for RDK STBs

  • New UI/UX built-in Lightning™ App language to support RDK4 deployments

BANGALORE, India — Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology services company, has expanded its portfolio of RDK offerings by developing an end-to-end, full-stack, intuitive UI/UX solution or reference application framework for RDK Video Accelerator set-top boxes (STBs).

The RDK Video Accelerator program provides development and deployment-ready STBs from leading OEMs and chipset suppliers. Tata Elxsi’s application framework/UI/UX solution offers faster application development cycles. It comes with pre-integrated UI templates and is built using Lightning App language, optimized for the new RDK4 set-top boxes. Operators will now be able to customize, integrate, enhance, and deploy their application on any RDK Video Accelerator STB or Lightning-based device platform, ensuring faster time-to-market with operational cost optimization.

Tata Elxsi, with its unique combination of in-house design and engineering expertise, developed the intuitive UI solution showcasing the capability to display signature screens for a delightful visual experience. The solution integrates key features such as Home Screen, Video-on-Demand, App Store, and Native Apps, providing a seamless end-customer experience for RDK Video Accelerator devices.

“RDK4 has enabled us to innovate and transform STB devices towards a richer, more dynamic, and engaging viewing experience as a flexible and intelligent open-source platform,” said KP Sreekumar, VP Media and Communication at Tata Elxsi. “Tata Elxsi remains committed to creating engaging viewing experiences and is excited to deliver this UI to support the RDK Video Accelerator program. As a Preferred Plus member of the RDK community, we are proud to contribute to RDK’s growing portfolio of offerings to the video and broadband industry. The framework helps operators to deliver a differentiated experience, accelerating the time-to-market.”

“Tata Elxsi has been an integral contributor of the RDK community for years and has served the video and broadband industry with its wide range of RDK services from consulting to post-deployment support,” said Steve Heeb, president of RDK. “The development of their end-to-end, Lightning-based UI/UX solution demonstrates Tata Elxsi’s commitment to supporting operators with RDK4 deployments.”

RDK4 makes it easier for companies to develop and deploy TV applications, independent of their RDK expertise or experience. It provides standardized APIs that enable operators to integrate new user interfaces, apps, and app stores, all using the super-efficient Lightning app development language and open-source SDK. Lightning is used to create a lightweight yet high-performance apps and UIs, optimized for use with Firebolt and RDK’s WPE WebKit browser.