Ecosmob offers IP-TV app development services

Thursday, December 24th, 2020
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Ecosmob Announced IPTV Apps Development Services for VoIP TV Service Providers

AHMEDABAD, India — Ecosmob, a top-most provider of end-to-end software services and solutions, has announced IPTV apps development services for the entertainment sector to provide a next-generation TV experience. In today’s time, television is one of the widely-used entertainment platforms. The IPTV, also known as Internet Protocol Television is an innovation that has paved its way in the television platform. With high-quality IPTV solutions by Ecosmob, VoIP and other service providers can offer live TV streaming, on-demand videos, games, and much more with the best user experience.

The IPTV makes use of advanced technology and the internet to stream audio, video, music, games, and other content related to entertainment. The solution can be used to watch TV even without the need of traditional signals such as cable TV, satellite, or terrestrial. The IPTV apps development services offered by Ecosmob use the lowest bit-rate so VoIP service providers can serve maximum users with the lowest possible bandwidth requirements. Some of the key IPTV services provided by Ecosmob include IPTV Software Development, IPTV Application Development, IPTV Game Development, IPTV Middleware Development, IPTV app Integration Constancy, and Maintenance and Support. It also includes payment methods by the incorporation of video protocols.

When asked about the details, the concerned person said, “We are happy to announce the launch of our superior quality IPTV apps development services. The key idea behind developing these services is to make TV service available to a large number of people and to help IPTV service providers generate more revenues.

The concerned person further explained, “The various reasons to choose our services over other IPTV app development service providers in the market include our highly experienced development team that has hands-on skills with IPTV solution development.

The implementation of advanced technology and ease of use makes Ecosmob’s IPTV app development services, the best service for VoIP TV service providers. It effectively manages the source digitization of live streams, which are delivered as multicast streams. Moreover, the user type interface provides a flawless user experience through an attractive menu system.

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