AirConsole cloud gaming for all Xiaomi Android TV devices

Monday, March 1st, 2021
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Xiaomi includes AirConsole cloud gaming on every Android™ TV device

  • Play multiplayer games instantly on your Mi Box & Mi TV
  • No additional hardware required, your smartphones are used as gamepads.
  • AirConsole becomes a recommended gaming app on Xiaomi Mi Box & Mi TV

ZURICH — Xiaomi is partnering with AirConsole for the distribution of AirConsole’s multiplayer cloud gaming platform. The app now will be featured on Xiaomi’s Mi TV and Mi Box to millions of users worldwide.

Xiaomi includes AirConsole cloud gaming

“As an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core, we strive to provide the best content and frictionless user experience to our consumers. With AirConsole they can enjoy a catalogue of multiplayer games directly on their TVs,” said Wang Dong, Deputy General Manager of the Internet Business Department, Xiaomi Corporation.

AirConsole’s mission is to bring instantly accessible cloud gaming to the masses. The AirConsole library includes hundreds of games across all genres. Smartphones are used as gamepads while the game runs on your TV. No additional hardware is required for a full video game console experience.

“As anticipated, the Android TV ecosystem allows us to create win-win partnerships with innovative brands. This partnership with Xiaomi will enrich their product while accelerating our global growth” explains Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer at AirConsole responsible for Strategic partnership development. “We are excited to bring multiplayer fun to the millions of Xiaomi users just before the holiday season starts.”

AirConsole’s usage surged during the Coronavirus pandemic due to its instant accessibility on the web and on AndroidTV. Just after announcing its release on Amazon Fire TV earlier this month, AirConsole is announcing another strategic partnership with a leading player in the AndroidTV ecosystem.