Amagi ad solutions increase revenue at Cinedigm

Friday, May 7th, 2021
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Cinedigm Announces Record Ad Revenue Enhancements from the Deployment of Amagi’s Ad Solutions

  • Cinedigm Reports a 47% Increase to Revenues After Deploying Amagi THUNDERSTORM 2.0 Product

LOS ANGELES, CA — Cinedigm (NASDAQ:CIDM), the leading independent streaming company super-serving enthusiast fan bases, announced today that they have partnered with Amagi, a global leader in SaaS for broadcast and streaming TV on the cloud, for deploying their server side ad insertion platform, Amagi THUNDERSTORM 2.0. This enhancement, which provides automated ad detection and OTT dynamic ad insertion capabilities for channel monetization, has resulted in a 47% increase in ad revenue since the new deployment.

Since the launch of this new technology back in April, the Company also saw a 21% impression increase and a 100% increase to render rates (a calculation of the percentage of impressions served out of the total number of auctions won). Cinedigm expects to achieve seven figures in new revenue from the deployment of Amagi ADS PLUS, a virtual ads sales service, in current fiscal year. In addition, improved systematic analysis through Amagi ANALYTICS has allowed for end-to-end analytics on viewership and ad monetization, access metrics for any region, device, channel, content asset, and time zone. It offers seamless access to live data on concurrent users on a CCU graph as well as key performance indicators for ad operations and can auto-generate key performance reports for viewership and advertisement operations. The full suite of Amagi’s ad technology stack and integration with a wide network of ad networks and demand partners will provide Cinedigm with a comprehensive solution to grow its ad revenues.

“As a longstanding strategic partner of Amagi, we continue to work closely with Amagi in utilizing their technology across our portfolio of ad-supported streaming channels,” said Tony Huidor, SVP, Products & Technology and General Manager of Digital Networks at Cinedigm. “As the dominant technology platform in linear playback within the OTT space, Amagi has developed industry-leading technology but also remains receptive to the business needs of partners like Cinedigm who are looking to push the technology further in order to continue maximizing revenue potential in this rapidly growing segment of the entertainment business.”

“Cinedigm has always been at the forefront of digital transformation bringing together unique and compelling content for viewers on ad-supported platforms. Be it creating linear channels using Amagi CLOUDPORT, or accelerating ad revenue growth through Amagi THUNDERSTORM 2.0, Cinedigm has been a valuable and strategic partner for Amagi”, said Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi. “We look forward to supporting their growth and expansion through our all-inclusive streaming TV solutions – channel creation, distribution and ad monetization.”

Through a mix of premium SVOD services and dedicated AVOD and FAST channels, Cinedigm continues to be a home for enthusiast content with a portfolio of fan-centric destinations all focused around a core mission of entertaining the world. Cinedigm’s streaming portfolio reaches indie film (Fandor), horror (Screambox & Bloody Disgusting), family entertainment (Dove Channel), and anime (CONTv anime), as well as dedicated channels for iconic entertainers, led by Bob Ross (The Bob Ross Channel). An innovator in the digital transformation of the entertainment industry for more than two decades, Cinedigm’s goal is to build destinations that immerse viewers in content they love while staying at the forefront of technology as the streaming industry continues to evolve.