OFIVE TV partners with Amagi for distribution to FAST platforms

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 
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OFIVE TV taps into the FAST market with Amagi

LONDON — Amagi, a global leader in SaaS for broadcast and streaming TV on the cloud, today announced that the French alternative lifestyle channel, OFIVE TV, has partnered with it for the distribution of their channel to international Free Ad Supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms.

OFIVE is an alternative media company providing exclusive content in various genres including Hip-Hop, Soul, Electro and Pop Rock. OFIVE targets the young and trendy audience, such as artists, intellectuals, designers, architects, and sportsmen. The channel is currently being broadcast to 150 countries, reaching a diverse international audience and around 77 million passengers traveling on long-haul Air France flights.

Amagi’s cloud-architected products offer a multitude of benefits to users, which OFIVE TV has opted to leverage. Amagi CLOUDPORT, an award-winning, cloud-playout solution, provides automation of playout management and channel delivery to multiple OTT platforms and direct-to-consumer apps, while retaining broadcast grade quality standards. Amagi’s ad technology solution, Amagi THUNDERSTORM, enables monetization with real time dashboard and analytics. OFIVE has opted to employ both technologies to increase the channel’s reach among the intended audience and generate revenue from their content.

“With the rising popularity of connected TVs around the world, it was important to have a technology partner who would facilitate our expansion to more ad supported streaming TV platforms”, said Nicolas Malimur, CEO of OFIVE TV. “The best part about Amagi’s technology is that it offers us the possibility of scaling our business without adding to our operational expenses. We are keen to explore this collaboration further.”

“Being the global leaders in FAST platform partnerships, we have created a comprehensive AVOD delivery strategy for OFIVE TV’s exclusive content, enabling them to connect with an international audience”, said Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi. “We look forward to supporting them in their next phase of growth as they monetize their VOD assets using our Dynamic Ad Insertion solution.”

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