CinemaNow Selects Widevine® to Enable Multiplatform Content Distribution to Consumer Electronics Devices and PCs

Monday, August 18th, 2008
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Widevine’s Open DRM and Digital Copy Protection Solution Enables CinemaNow Users to Download Digital Content Regardless of Computing Platform or Browser

SEATTLE, WA — Widevine Technologies, the only provider of multiformat, multiplatform DRM and digital copy protection solutions, today announced it has been selected by CinemaNow, an innovator in digital entertainment technology that delivers high-quality Hollywood movies, TV shows and music videos, to secure multiplatform distribution of CinemaNow content to major consumer electronics (CE) devices and PCs. CE devices will ship to retail with CinemaNow’s ‘CE Store’ application embedded with Widevine’s content protection. The embedded solution enables a secure and interoperable experience, allowing consumers to securely enjoy Hollywood feature films and other premium content whether at home or on the go.

“Widevine’s technology helps CinemaNow expand delivery of high-quality digital content across any CE device or platform,” said Jesse Keane, CTO of CinemaNow. “With the integration of Widevine’s multiplatform and multiformat solution, we ensure our content partners receive the highest level of protection, which is a key factor in their ongoing support for CinemaNow’s open platform and domain-based business model.”

CinemaNow also employs Widevine content protection to secure delivery of content from the company’s website. CinemaNow will be one of the first to securely distribute premium content on all major consumer platforms running Windows, Mac or Linux. Customers will have unparalleled flexibility in accessing the portal using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the Opera browser.

A growing group of consumers has previously been unable to enjoy digital content which was protected by Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM. Widevine’s open DRM and digital copy protection solution enables online CinemaNow users to purchase, stream and download movies, TV shows and music videos regardless of their computing platform or browser — greatly increasing CinemaNow’s reach while still meeting the security standards of the studios.

“Widevine’s selection by the leader in online movie and content distribution is a tremendous validator of our online content protection capabilities,” said Brian Baker, Widevine CEO. “CinemaNow has been the very first to this market and has an unmatched legacy and history in the premium online digital content market. CinemaNow’s strategy is closely aligned with Widevine’s strategy to seamlessly expand consumer’s ability to watch premium content on the device of their choice, wherever and whenever they want.”