Vewd enables video calling and targeted advertising on the TV

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 
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New Vewd Core Delivers The Future Of Smart TV

  • World’s Most Deployed Independent Streaming TV Engine Adds Video Calling, Targeted Advertising

OSLO, Norway — Vewd, the leading provider of OTT software solutions, today released Vewd Core 4.22, the latest version of Vewd’s Emmy-award winning HTML5 and streaming SDK for connected TV devices. The latest Vewd Core enables video calling and advanced advertising as part of a robust feature set to power the next generation of smart TVs, set-top boxes, and embedded devices. Vewd Core is available for connected devices running Linux, Android TV, AOSP, and RDK.

“Vewd Core makes Live TV, streaming video and games come to life on tens of millions of TVs and set-top boxes each year,” said Sascha Prüter, Chief Product Officer at Vewd. “The newest Vewd Core leverages our nearly twenty years’ experience redefining what connected TV devices can do today, and charts a new course for what is possible in the next five years.”

Here’s a look at what device manufacturers can expect with Vewd Core 4.22:

Native Video Conferencing with WebRTC

The global pandemic transformed how people around the world communicate and connect. To meet this new normal, Vewd Core enables video calling on the home’s largest screen through a native implementation of WebRTC, the open standard for video conferencing. Video calling providers can easily build and deploy Smart TV apps with access to all necessary APIs.

The most popular video calling services work with Vewd Core, including Zoom, Google Meet, Bluejeans, Amazon Chime, Skype, and Whereby. Additionally, Vewd has these and 20 others in its industry-leading test suite, ensuring a superior video calling experience via their Smart TV apps now and in the future.

Better Addressable TV with HbbTV Targeted Advertising

Addressable TV and dynamic ad insertion can significantly increase broadcaster ad revenues. HbbTV, the hybrid TV standard that delivers interactive services over broadcast, has recently expanded earlier work on dynamic content substitution to create a solution attuned to the playback, viewability, and flexibility needs of broadcasters and advertisers.

HbbTV targeted advertising in Vewd Core enables swapping of ads in a broadcast with targeted ads delivered via broadband. Broadcasters now have the flexibility to replace a single advertisement or a series of advertisements in an ad break.

Innovative Smart TV Software Architecture for Linux Devices

Vewd Core now includes a powerful, flexible new service-based architecture for Linux devices. Marking another industry first, Vewd Core’s new architecture provides for seamless, standalone, over-the-air upgrades of Vewd Core, greatly strengthening system resilience. The new architecture utilizes device memory more efficiently, thus improving performance and allowing for cheaper hardware configurations.

There’s even more under the hood of Vewd Core 4.22 including:

  • Compliance with 2022 requirements from key OTT service providers and content owners
  • Support for HbbTV 2.0.3 standard
  • Tightened security with stricter sandboxing
  • Improved text-to-speech support
  • Performance and security improvements by updating to Chromium 92

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